LanguageTool HTTP API Migration


LanguageTool has offered an HTTP/HTTPS API that has been stable for about ten years. Over time, the XML response format had become inconsistent. Thus, new versions of LanguageTool will not support the old XML format anymore. A new JSON-based output will replace the XML-based format. Some parameter names will also be changed to provide more consistency.

Who is Affected by the Change?

The --api switch of the command line version of LanguageTool will not be affected for now, but we strongly recommend using the server mode with the new API anyway.

Road map

Changes in Input Parameters

Old parameter New parameter
enabled enabledRules
disabled disabledRules
autodetect=1 language=auto

Other parameters keep their name.

Changes in Result Format

The old format was an XML format. The new format is JSON and documented here.