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How to Download and Use the Best Free Text Editor for Windows

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The Windows App by LanguageTool provides a free editor with intelligent spell checking. Find information on its installation and usage here.

Free Writing Check for Windows
The Windows App offers you many assets at one go.

What Is the Windows App by LanguageTool About?

Besides the superficial typo and grammar check run by Word, there is not much to say about an intelligent and integrated way to write flawlessly. How wonderful would it be to combine this feature with an impeccable style review, altogether in one single editor?

LanguageTool knows the answer to your needs: the Windows App, which was released just recently. Read this article, and you’ll find out how to install and use this writing assistant directly on your Microsoft device.

Downloading the LanguageTool Windows App

Only three steps are needed to download the Windows App on your computer:

  • Visit the download link at
  • Double-click on the LanguageTool.exe-file in your downloads folder
  • Follow the installation instructions

After having completed the installation, you’ll find the application on your desktop. A double click opens it. In the bottom of the menu bar, an LT icon will appear.

Now you’re set to use the LT Windows App immediately!


Right-click on the LT App on your desktop to pin it to either your start menu or taskbar. That way, LanguageTool is always just a click away.

LanguageTool - Grammar Checker for Windows
LanguageTool is a free online proofreading service for English, German, Spanish, French, and more than 20 other languages.
Use this download link in order to find LT’s Windows App.

Using the LanguageTool Windows App

One asset of the Windows App is the external LT text editor. To open it, click on the icon on your desktop, or in your taskbar below. Anything you type will be saved by a server of LanguageTool, even if you shut down your computer.

Screenshot 1: Windows App of LanguageTool
LanguageTool corrects all texts in the editor of the Windows App.

Another key feature is the global shortcut. This individualized command simplifies tedious correction work for you by automatically inserting copied text into the program. This allows you to correct text from other apps professionally via LanguageTool.

Screenshot 2: App settings in the LT editor
You can change the App setting in the editor

Using the same method, LT also proofreads your texts in Outlook: Copy and paste your writing through the shortcut into the editor. After resolving any issues, simply re-insert your text back into Outlook, and all your formatting will remain the same.

You can choose if the editor should immediately launch on startup by selecting the option in “general settings”. This allows you to instantly be able to check your writing for errors and style suggestions.

The share menu provides you the option of opening texts from other editors. Again, the LT Editor doesn’t change the formatting of these texts.

LanguageTool Within a Browser

When using your favorite browser, LanguageTool also provides you with a writing assistant that works in all multi-line text fields on the internet. Follow these step-by-step instructions for installing the LT browser add-on in MS Edge, for instance:

  • Visit the specific download link for this browser
  • Click on “Get”
  • Automatic download and installation of the writing assistant
  • LT icon will appear in the upper-right corner (next to the search bar)
Screenshot 3: Using the add-on of LanguageTool
Find the LanguageTool add-on right next to the search bar.

  • Visit a page with a multi-line text field and type something
  • Style, spelling, and grammar problems are underlined
  • Click on the overview of all errors in the LT dialog (circled red number)
LanguageTool underlines all mistake directly in the Windows App.
This is how the correction in the Windows App works.

LanguageTool always ensures high-quality checking of grammar and spelling. By installing the Windows App, our text editor provides this excellent feature for all your channels. Synonyms and style analyses are included, too. As with the LT browser add-on, the writing assistant is free of charge for its standard version. A premium account, however, enables even more benefits for you.

Once you try writing an email from Outlook with LanguageTool supporting you, you’ll never want to go back. So, go ahead—find out why our writing assistant is so much better than Word’s spelling check, and see how well the LT Windows App works with your Microsoft-based system.

LanguageTool is also available for Apple; please refer to the Mac App or the iOS version.

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