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LanguageTool’s Mixed Bag—December 2021

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Our mixed bag is full of grammar challenges: “red-nosed reindeer,” “Spider-Man,” and the two types of dashes.

LT’s Mixed Bag of Grammar Mistakes
How to use hyphens and dashes correctly while starting the year with flawless texts. 

Insights’ mixed bag is a “goody bag” filled with the quick lessons we touched upon this month. This time, this article is dedicated to grammar errors: Is it correct to write “red nose reindeer”? What are the differences between an em dash and an en dash? “Spiderman” or “Spider-Man”—which is right? At the end, we have a wonderful tip for you on how you can begin 2022 successfully.

Correct Use of the Hyphen

Every year at this time, several fun Christmas movies are dropped. 📺 But we like the classics, too. Did you know what special animal Rudolph was? We’ll tell you how to spell. 🦌

When to Use the Two Dashes

Em dashes and en dashes look similar, but they have different functions. ⚠️Here’s how to use them correctly to improve your writing.

Another Case of a Hyphenated Word

LanguageTool helps bring great writing, and with great writing comes great power. And with great power comes…well, you know the rest. Did you know our text editor can recognize and correct spelling and capitalization errors in proper names? 🤓

Starting the New Year the Right Way

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As shown in the video, the free writing assistant LanguageTool can help you meet your expectations for the new year. No matter if you’re planning to write for fun, or if you have to produce texts professionally, the tool will help you to improve spelling, grammar, and language style. After watching the red-nosed reindeer or Spider-Man, it also selects the correct kind of dashes for you.

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