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LanguageTool’s Mixed Bag—October 2021

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Insights summarizes the content of this month with linguistic-related memes and the power of emoji language.

LT’s Mixed Bag of Memes & Emojis
We present two funny memes and two postings with emojis. 

Some issues aren’t complex enough to call for a whole blog article. That’s why we bundle up this mixed bag at the end of each month. For October, we focused on memes and emoticons: Do you know what real cinnamon rolls should look like and where the umbrella got its name? Furthermore, it is possible to do a quiz as well as an explanation for uncountable nouns—with the support of emojis.

What Was the Other Word for “Cinnamon Rolls”?

🍩 🍭 Today’s special is our world-famous synonym rolls! They are available in all the same sizes: massive, big, large, huge, and gigantic. So, feel free to laugh and to look for some helpful synonyms with our thesaurus function. ⠀

Why We Actually Say “Umbrella”…

When did you last have a really good laugh? 😂 Sometimes, memes like these are funny enough to motivate you to get through your daily life. ⠀
Which is your favorite meme?

Emoji Quiz—Can You Guess the Books, Films, and Songs?

Emojis have already made their way into our chats. With this post, we can prove that it’s even possible to tell stories with these tiny icons.

Is “Hairs” Really a False Word?

🔢 English has a few uncountable nouns. Generally speaking, “hair” is one of these that does not have a distinct plural form. However, you can still use “one hair” or “several hairs” when you refer to individual strands of hair.

LanguageTool endorses the use of memes and emojis on the internet. The intelligent writing assistant knows that there isn’t a good synonym for cinnamon rolls, and that many people express their hesitations with “um.” Even when having a bad hair day, you can write flawless stories or songs with emojis—and the help of LanguageTool.

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