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Here’s How You Can Get the Best Free Writing Assistant for Mac

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The Editor by LanguageTool offers you a free text editor with integrated spell checking. Learn all about its download and use here.

Writing Assistant for Mac (LT Editor)
The Editor for Mac offers many benefits for the users of an Apple device.

What’s the LanguageTool Editor for Mac About?

How great would it be to rely on a spell checker built into an intelligent text program when writing emails? The proofreading provided by Word, for example, only checks your text for typos and grammatical errors.

Luckily, there’s the LanguageTool Mac Editor, which is easy and free of charge for all Apple users. In this article, you’ll find out how to install this helpful app, and everything else you need to know about error-free and accurate writing.

How Can I Download the LanguageTool Editor?

To set up the Mac App on your computer, simply follow these three steps.

  • Visit the link in the Mac App Store
  • Click on the button “Get”
  • Download will now start automatically

After successful completion, you’ll now find the app in your application folder. Double click to open the application. An LT icon will appear in the top menu bar. In addition, the icon is also located in the dock of your desktop.

You can start using the writing assistant right away!

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Use this download link in order to find the editor.

How To Use the Editor for Mac

First off, the text editor for Mac gives you an external text editor. Just click on the icon in the dock to open the editor. Also, if you have a stable internet connection, your text will be saved in the LanguageTool Editor even if you turn off your PC.

Screenshot 1: LanguageTool's editor
LanguageTool corrects all texts in the editor of the Mac App.

Secondly, the global shortcut makes tedious work easier for you. This is a personalized key command for automatically inserting text from the clipboard into the editor.  So, you can simply copy text from other apps and have them professionally proofread by LanguageTool.

Screenshot 2: Settings in the Mac App
You can change the App setting in the editor

You’re able to assign the combination in the “general settings” menu when you click on the symbol in the menu bar.

Use “general settings” to choose whether the editor should launch on startup. That way, the editor will open automatically when you start your computer, and you can check your text for errors instantly.

You can also open texts from other apps via the share menu. By the way, you don’t have to worry about any formatting issues; LanguageTool’s editor does not alter the formatting of your text.

What Are the Other Features of LanguageTool?

You can use LanguageTool not only through the Editor for Mac, but also within your Safari browser (or any other browser) as an add-on. This extension will already be installed on your computer through the download of the Mac App. Activate the add-on in your settings:

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Click on “safari” in the Mac menu bar and then “preferences” (or command ⌘ + comma) to enter the preferences
  • Navigate to the “Extensions” tab
  • Check the box next to the LT icon
  • Confirm your selection in the dialog that pops up
  • LT icon is now located in the Safari toolbar to the left of the search bar
Screenshot 3: LT browser add-on
Find the LanguageTool add-on right next to the search bar.

But no matter which channel you use to polish your texts, LanguageTool always guarantees you a high-quality spelling and grammar check. Furthermore, it includes a style analysis with associated synonym suggestions. As with the add-on, there is no charge for the standard version of the editor, but LanguageTool’s premium account offers other practical benefits to make your writing shine even more.

With the Mac editor, there’s no longer any excuse for getting distracted while writing. Well, except maybe from the great features and possibilities of LanguageTool. See for yourself why Word’s spell checker can’t keep up with LT Editor’s correction.

Just click into the following field and check how LanguageTool works—are all words really spelled correctly?

In case you prefer Windows on your computer, please refer to our Windows App. Furthermore, you can try out the iOS App.

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