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LanguageTool’s Mixed Bag—November 2021

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Our mixed bag is dedicated to the following words: “caught,” “necessary,” “dessert,” “desert,” “Hanukkah,” and “Chanukah.”

LT’s Mixed Bag of Spelling Errors
What’s the difference between “dessert” and “desert”?

Think of Insights mixed bag as a “goody bag” filled with the quick lessons we went over last month. This time, these “goodies” focus on spelling challenges: How is the past tense of “catch”—caught or cought? Which letter is a double letter in necessary? What’s the difference between dessert and desert? How do we spell the Jewish holiday that ended December, the sixth?


“Caught” is a good example for difficult spelling. Luckily, there are several mnemonics that help you to remember how to spell it correctly. We can all remember the spelling of “ought to” as well. ✍️⠀

Is Correct Spelling Necessary or Neccesary?

There are songs with not much of a meaningful message. Take “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani, for instance. She literally spells the not-so-difficult word “bananas”. 🍌 We have a better suggestion for her next song. What word do you think is necessary to spell out?

Dessert versus Desert

Who doesn’t love desserts? It’s funny how similar this sweet treat’s spelling is to “desert”. However, we assume that people actually love sugar more than extreme heat. 🌴

Happy Hanukkah (or Chanukah?)

Happy Hanukkah! 🕎

LanguageTool is a helpful assistant for successful writing. It can spot misspellings such as cought (instead of caught), as well as errors in words like necessary. Furthermore, it accepts both spellings of Hanukkah (or Chanukah). As your dessert, the synonym function helps you get out of every writing desert.

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