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Be a Goal Getter.

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Research has shown that if you want to reach your goals, you should write them down.

Why You Should Write Down Your Goals
If you want to improve your chances of reaching your goals, write them down!
There are three reasons why writing your goals down helps you achieve them.

  1. It works as a visual cue and daily reminder.
  2. The “generation effect” explains that you remember things better when you write them down. Therefore, if you write down your goals, they’ll be at the forefront of your mind, waiting to be worked on.
  3. It helps you make a step-by-step plan.

Writing down your resolutions.
Write your goals down.

Having goals is important because they give you something to be hopeful for and work towards. Goals can range in size and difficulty, from wanting to spend more time reading to starting your own successful business. There’s one thing all goals have in common though, and that’s if you write them down, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Why Writing Your Goals is Beneficial

1. It serves as a visual cue and daily reminder.

The first reason why writing your goals down is helpful is simple: It gives you something you can easily refer to and access whenever you want or need to.

The daily hustle and bustle of life makes it easy to get distracted from our goals. Sometimes, things get so busy, we completely forget them. A paper with your goals written on them, whether tucked away in your wallet or purse or taped up on your refrigerator, works as a visual cue to get started or keep working on pursuing your goals. A goal that lives solely in your mind is at risk of being forgotten.

2. It “encodes” the goal into your brain.

The “generation effect” explains that information is better memorized if generated in one’s own mind, compared to information that is only read. If you use this phenomenon to your advantage and write down your goals, you’re guaranteeing that your brain is analyzing, processing, and inputting your goals.

3. It helps you plan your goal step-by-step.

Sometimes, pursuing your goal can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What should you do? How can you work around your daily schedule? Writing your goals down is effective because it allows you to break your major goal into smaller, easier-to-reach steps.

For example, a goal of writing a novel might seem daunting. But if you break that goal down to writing one page a day, you might be less afraid to start.

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Goal Get ‘Em

Now you know: If you want to boost the likelihood of you reaching your goals, write them down! It’s an easy thing that’ll serve as a visual cue, help encode the goal into your brain, and help you break the major goal down into minor ones.

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