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Which Is Correct: “Lot’s” or “Lots”?

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We’ll quickly review “lot’s” vs. “lots,” go over a few example sentences, and show you when is the only acceptable scenario to use “lot’s.”

White text over orange background reads "lot's of vs. lots of." (Lot's of, lots of, a lot, alot)
It’s either “a lot of” or “lots of,” but never “lot’s of.”
Lot's of
Lots of

What Is The Definition of “Lots”?

A lot means “a large number or amount,” or “a great deal.” Lots is plural and a slightly more informal phrase with the same meaning.

There were a lot of people at the gala last night.
There were lots of people at the gala last night.

Both a lot of and lots of are considered wordy. More concise alternatives you can use instead are many, numerous, and countless.

There were many people at the gala last night.
There were numerous people at the gala last night.
There were countless people at the gala last night.

Remember: a lot of is always three words, and if you’re seeking a more casual approach, then use lots of, which is two words.

“Lot’s” or “Lots”

As we have already stated, lots is the plural and informal form of a lot. Therefore, when referring to “a large amount of something,” lot’s is grammatically incorrect. Why? Because the “–’s” denotes possession of some kind, which doesn’t fit in the context of this word.

She had a lot of tasks on her to-do list.

She had lots of tasks on her to-do list.

She had lot’s of tasks on her to-do lists.

You may have noticed a pattern: The nouns after a lot of or lots of must always be in plural form. Consider the following grammatically incorrect sentence:

Carol requested a lot of utensil for the table.

The correct way of writing the sentence above would be:

Carol requested a lot of utensils for the table.

Additionally, please note that lot can also be a noun that means “a portion of land.” Technically, lot’s and lots only makes sense when you’re using it in this context.

I was directed to the parking lot’s attendant for further instructions.
All the lots were for sale.

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