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Insights into Good Writing

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Correct and precise writing can be a challenging undertaking. Gaining the right insights into the English language will allow you to skillfully optimize your texts. This will make them more precise, more captivating, but also more individual to your personal taste. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to write better, confidently, and concisely. You will come straight to the point. And the comma. And the colon.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

A Writer’s Block Blog

Writer’s block is an uninvited guest that every writer faces from time to time. But overcoming writer’s block is simple, and we’ll teach you how.

Dropping Letters in American English

Favoring American Spelling

American English spelling omits letters compared to British English: “-or” instead of “-our”, dropping silent “e’s”, and replacing “ae” or “oe” with “e”.

In our Defense, Spelling Needs Practice

In our Defense, Spelling Needs Practice

British English favors verbs with the end syllable “-ise”, whereas American English uses “-ize”. But is this always true, and what are other spelling differences?

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