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15 Useful Expressions You Can Use In Place of “I Agree”

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Take your vocabulary to the next level with these fluent expressions that are synonymous with “I agree.” We’ll give you formal and casual alternatives with examples, so you can better understand how to use them.

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There are many ways to agree with someone.
“I Agree” Synonyms: Quick Summary

To agree with someone means you share the same opinion or perspective on something.

  • I agree with what you said during the meeting.

I concur is a synonym you can use in formal settings, while for sure is one you can use in casual conversations.

What Does “I Agree” Mean?

I agree is an English phrase used to express that someone shares the same perspective or opinion as another person on a certain subject. In other words, it indicates agreement.

By saying I agree, a person is stating that they share the same viewpoint, or that they believe what the speaker has said is true. The phrase is often used to show support or to acknowledge another person’s perspective.

I don’t think we should be spending as much time on this particular task.
I agree.

You can use this phrase even when you agree with more than one person.

I agree with the consensus that we’re spending too much money on advertising.
A lot was uncovered, but I agree with the team that the results aren’t promising.
I agree with the students—a pizza party is exactly what we need.

There are several ways you can agree with someone. Familiarizing yourself with them is a great way to expand your vocabulary and communicate effectively. Below, we’ll go over 15 different ways to say I agree.

Image portrays two people agreeing with each other.
“I agree” and “I agree with you” are two of the many acceptable versions of this phrase.

Formal “I Agree” Synonyms

The following I agree synonyms are acceptable in formal settings, for example when you’re talking to a supervisor or professor, or when you’re in an important meeting.

Keep in mind that there are no strict guidelines when using these alternatives to I agree. You may find yourself using these formal synonyms in casual conversations, too.

1. I concur

If you’re looking for another way to say I agree, this phrase is about as direct a synonym as you can get.

I think we should reschedule the meetings from 4 PM to 10 AM.
I concur.

2. You’re right.

This phrase is straightforward. When you use it, you’re stating that you believe the other person is correct. In other words, you agree with them.

— We have spent too much time on this task.
You’re right.

3. Absolutely.

On its own, absolutely is defined as “with no qualification, restriction, or limitation.” However, during a conversation, it can be used to express agreement. It’s often used with “yes” preceding it.

— I’m under the impression that we can figure out a way to be more productive as a team.
— Yes, absolutely.

4. Definitely.

Definitely means “without doubt,” so when you’re using it as a response to someone, it conveys a strong sense of agreement. It’s also sometimes used with the word “yes” before it.

I know it’s just a team picnic, but we better win the kickball tournament!Definitely!

5. Exactly.

One of the definitions of exactly is “a reply used to confirm or agree with what someone has just said.” Like absolutely and definitely, you can also add “yes” to this I agree synonym.

I think it would be fun to add a “teachers vs. students” segment to our field day.
— Yes, exactly!

6. I couldn’t agree more.

This phrase strongly emphasizes a strong level of agreement. It’s often used to show enthusiastic support.

Let’s allow the employees to go home early on Fridays. I think that’ll boost morale.
I couldn’t agree more.

7. I’m with you on that.

This is another common expression that’s used to indicate alignment with the other person’s thoughts or perspective.

After all the training, errors like this from the team are unacceptable.
I’m with you on that.

8. I couldn’t have said it better.

This phrase is another way to enthusiastically express agreement. It suggests that the speaker feels that the other person has expressed their thoughts or opinions in the best way possible.

I’m thrilled by all the growth I’ve seen from each employee, and ourselves as supervisors, too. The company is headed in the right direction.
I couldn’t have said it better.
Graphic shows quote by Robin Williams that says "I'm sorry, if you were right, I'd agree with you."
This quote is funny. Do you agree? 

Casual “I Agree” Synonyms

If you’re having a casual conversation, the following synonyms for I agree are suitable alternatives because they’re colloquial, and therefore can help improve your fluency.

10. For sure.

Think of this as the slang way of saying absolutely, definitely, or exactly. It’s not uncommon to come across this phrase shortened to fosho.

This pizza is delicious.
For sure!

11. You’re telling me?

This casual synonym for I agree is basically another way of saying I know. It indicates strong agreement and sometimes suggests that what was said is widely accepted or understood.

But the best pizza in the world is found at Steve’s Pizza.
You’re telling me? I showed you that place!

12. Straight up.

Straight up is a casual expression that proposes that the person using it is being honest and straightforward in their agreement, without any hesitation or reservations.

I wish they would open a Steve’s Pizza closer to us, though. I hate having to drive an hour to get there.
Straight up.

13. Totally.

Totally is another synonymous expression that can be used similarly to exactly, absolutely, and definitely.

Maybe we should consider moving closer to Steve’s Pizza.

14. That makes sense.

This expression means that what the speaker said is logical and that you agree.

But then we’d have to drive an hour to work. I don’t think it’s worth moving just for pizza.
That makes sense.

15. No doubt about it.

The phrase no doubt about it not only expresses agreement, but also indicates that the speaker feels that there is no question or doubt about the validity of what was said.

Fine. We won’t move, but I definitely think we should go to Steve’s Pizza more often.
No doubt about it.

Agree Confidently With LanguageTool

Now you have a reservoir of different ways to say I agree. This is going to help you converse more fluently and confidently. Just keep in mind when to use which—for example, you should avoid using for sure as an expression of agreement when in formal settings.

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