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Five “I Want” Synonyms

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If you’re here, you’re probably looking for more polite ways of saying “I want.” We’ll go over five other ways to say “I want” and provide examples.

I Want in Formal Way | I want to synonym | Another way to say I want to
Is the phrase “I want” part of your everyday vocabulary?
  • The phrase “I want” can come off as a little too direct.
  • Five alternatives you could use instead are:
    • I would like
      I could go for
      I feel like
      I fancy
      I’m in the mood for

What’s Wrong With “I Want”?

There’s technically nothing wrong with the phrase “I want.” In fact, it’s probably a phrase you often use throughout the day. However, in some scenarios, it could be seen as impolite and too direct. Whether you are seeking I want alternatives so you can sound more polite, or simply want synonyms you can keep in your back pocket, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find five other ways of saying I want.

Five Other Ways To Say “I Want”

1. I would like

This phrase is a polite alternative to I want. It’s perfect for asking for something or ordering something at a restaurant.

I want the honey garlic chicken dinner special.
I would like the honey garlic chicken dinner special.

2. I could go for

I could go for is another light and courteous way of saying I want.

I want a coffee right now.
I could go for a coffee right now.

3. I feel like

If your friend says, “I feel like pizza,” it does not mean he feels as if he were a pizza. It just means he wants a pizza. The wording might seem strange at first, but it’s a perfectly acceptable alternative.

I want a nap.
I feel like a nap.
I feel like taking a nap.

4. I fancy

This alternative is especially common in British English and reflects a light desire for something.

I want a good book to read.
I fancy a good book to read.

5. I’m in the mood for

This I want alternative also expresses a desire for something.

I want a vacation.
I’m in the mood for a vacation.

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