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Nine Other Ways To Say “Keep Me in the Loop”

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“Keep me in the loop” is a frequently used phrase, but there are others that are more suitable for professional use. Below, we’ll review nine synonyms with example sentences to show you how to use them.

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“Keep me in the loop” can be considered too colloquial in formal settings.
“Keep Me in the Loop”: Quick Summary

Keep me in the loop is a commonly used idiomatic expression that means “to keep someone informed or updated on recent developments regarding a specific subject or situation.”

Another phrase you can use in its place is please keep me informed.

Please keep me informed if you hear back from the representative.

The expression keep me in the loop is quite popular in both formal and casual settings. However, it’s worth noting that it’s an idiomatic expression that not everyone may be familiar with, particularly when addressing an international audience.

Below, we’ll keep you in the loop with what this phrase means and provide nine alternatives that are more suitable for professional settings.

Let’s begin!

“Keep Me in the Loop” Meaning

When someone says keep me in the loop, they are requesting that you “let them know about any progress, changes, or developments on a certain project, situation, or ongoing process.”

Can you please keep me in the loop about your flight? I want to make sure I’m at the airport on time to pick you up.
Lauren asked that I keep her in the loop so that she doesn’t miss anything important.
I will be sure to keep you in the loop about any major news regarding this project.
Circular text reads "Keep me in the loop mean to keep someone informed about something specific."
Although “keep me in the loop” is a common saying, it should be avoided in business communication, especially if you have an international audience that may not know what it means.

Keep me in the loop is so widely used that a large percentage of people would understand what you’re requesting if you were to use this phrase. However, if you want to be as direct as possible in your communication, you should use more straightforward expressions.

The phrases below are clear and easy to understand, even if the recipient is not familiar with common idiomatic sayings.

Nine Other Ways To Say “Keep Me in the Loop”

1. Please keep me informed

Please keep me informed about any new information regarding the potential clients.

2. Please keep me updated

Please keep me updated on the status of the final report.

3. Kindly include me in any future communications regarding this matter

Kindly include me in any future communications regarding this matter, as it is of the utmost importance that I stay informed of the latest updates.
Please notify me of any changes or progress related to this, as the customer requested I be involved in every step of the sale.

5. Please maintain open lines of communication with me regarding this

Please maintain open lines of communication with me regarding this project so that I can assist if needed.

6. Kindly ensure I stay up-to-date on any developments

Kindly ensure I stay up to date on any developments related to the budget proposal.

7. I would appreciate regular updates on this matter

I would appreciate regular updates on this matter so that I can accurately track the progress and keep the partners informed.

8. Kindly keep me briefed

Kindly keep me briefed on any changes made to the itinerary so that I can inform the rest of the team.

9. Kindly inform me

Kindly inform me of any upcoming presentations or events that require my attendance.

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