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The Gnarly Silent “G”

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The “g” is silent in some words. We’ll be going over these words and an important exception to keep in mind.

Silent G Words | G Silent Words
Can you think of any words that have a silent “g”?
Quick Summary on the Silent “G”
  • Words like ring and long have a “g” and “n” digraph that form the phoneme /ŋ/.
  • However, there are several cases where a “g” before an “n” is silent: benign, design, foreign, and vignette, to name a few.

What Are Silent Letters?

There’s nothing quite as infuriating about the English language as silent letters. These are letters that are used to spell a word, but aren’t explicitly pronounced when said aloud. Every letter in the English alphabet is a silent letter in at least one word. This post will focus on the silent “g.”

The Silent “G”

There are some letters that contain a “ng” in which the “g” is not technically silent (e.g., ring and strong). However, in many cases where a “g” is silent, there’s an “n” or an “m” after it (e.g., bologna, reign, phlegm). We’re going to give you a list of words that contain a silent “g,” but before we do, we have to note something important: A silent “g” can stop being silent if the suffixes “–ant,” “–atory,” or “–ation” are added to it.

design designation

/dɪˈzaɪn/ → /ˌdezɪɡˈneɪʃn/

malign  → malignant

/məˈlaɪn/ → /məˈlɪɡnənt/

sign  → signatory

/saɪn/ → /ˈsɪɡnətɔːri/

The consonant digraph “-gh” produces a few sounds— /g/, /f/, or it can be silent. For example:


Words With a Silent “G”

Below you’ll find a list of thirty words that have a silent “g.”

  • align
  • arraign
  • assign
  • benign
  • bought
  • campaign
  • caught
  • champagne
  • cosign
  • design
  • diaphragm
  • foreign
  • gnarl
  • gnash
  • gnat
  • gnaw
  • gnome
  • high
  • lasagna
  • night
  • ought
  • paradigm
  • phlegm
  • poignant
  • reign
  • resign
  • sight
  • sovereign
  • thigh
  • vignette

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