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Understanding the Gist (or Is It Jist?) of It

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Is it “gist” or “jist”? There’s only one correct spelling. We’ll go over what this word means and how to spell it correctly.

Is it get the gist or jist? Find out below.
Do you know which one is the correct spelling: “gist” or “jist”?
Is It Gist or Jist?

  • The correct spelling of the word is always with a “g-”: gist.
    • The gist of the story is this: two teenagers fall in love and wreak havoc on a city.

“Gist” vs. “Jist”

Gist is a noun that means “the essence or main point of something.”  This word is always spelled with a “g-.” Spelling it with a “j-” is incorrect.

I understood the jist of it but wanted to understand the details a bit more thoroughly.

I understood the gist of it but wanted to understand the details a bit more thoroughly.

When someone uses the word gist, you can expect what comes after it to be a sort of brief summary. Here are a few more examples of the word gist in action:

I know that was a bit of a complicated explanation, but you get the gist.
The gist of the argument was that Terry was upset he wasn’t considered for the promotion.
Colleen gave me the gist of the course; expect many pop quizzes and essay assignments.

It’s worth noting that according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, in the legal world, gist also means “the ground of a legal action.”

Gist or jist? The answer is always gist.
Did you understand the gist of this blog post?

Do You Get the Gist of It?

If you’re ever asking yourself if it’s gist or jist, remember that it’s always spelled with a “g-”: gist.

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