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How To Spell “Niece”

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“Niece” can be a challenging word for some people to spell. We’ll go over its spelling and meaning, and show you how to make sure you always spell this word correctly.

Niece and nephew: How to spell niece and how it differs from nephew.
There’s only one right way to spell this word.
How Do You Spell “Niece”?

Niece is always spelled n-i-e-c-e and means “the daughter of your sister, brother, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law.”

  • My niece graduated from high school today, so I bought her a laptop.

“Niece”: Correct Spelling and Meaning

If you’re referring to your brother or your sister’s daughter, then the word you’re looking for is niece, which is spelled n-i-e-c-e-. You may sometimes come across the word neice, but that’s an incorrect spelling of the word.

My niece, Samantha, has a karate competition today.

My neice, Samantha, has a karate competition today.

I got my niece a birthday gift I know she’s going to love.

I got my neice a birthday gift I know she’s going to love.

My sister, my niece, and I are going to a museum.

My sister, my neice, and I are going to a museum.

If you’re married, the daughter of your husband or wife’s sister or brother is also referred to as your niece.

My niece, Jordyn, takes after my sister-in-law in that she’s very charismatic.
I had to help my brother-in-law set up for my niece’s birthday party.
I’ll never forget the day my wife’s sister, Alexia, told me she was pregnant with my niece.

How To Spell “Niece” Correctly

It’s common knowledge that English is full of spelling rules that are riddled with exceptions. But in this case, the “i-before-e-except-after-c” holds true.

You can keep that in mind, or just remember the sentence:

My niece is nice.

Both niece and nice start with “ni-.”

Another way to ensure you always spell niece correctly is to use LanguageTool as your writing assistant. Not only will it detect and correct misspelled words, but it can go as far as to suggest stylistic improvements and even help you rephrase your sentences.

“Niece” and “Nephew”: What’s the Difference?

Niece is the female offspring of your sibling (or sibling-in-law), while nephew refers to the male offspring. To put it simply, a niece is your brother, sister, or sibling-in-law’s daughter, while a nephew refers to the son.

I took my niece and my nephew to a monster-truck rally.
My nephew, Jacob, loves to dance.
I asked my brother if I could pick up my nephew early from school.
The meaning of niece and meaning of nephew are similar, but there's an important distinction.
Do you know the difference between “niece” and “nephew”?

Niece is just one of many English words that can be hard for some people to spell. Remember to use LanguageTool to ensure your writing is error-free. It’s free to try:

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