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Is It Receipt or Reciept?

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“Receipt” follows the spelling rule “i before e, except after c.”

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We’ll teach you how to correctly spell the word “receipt.”
Reciept, recipt, reciept, recept, recipte

How Do You Spell Receipt?

We don’t blame you for looking this word up. It has a silent letter (“p”), which makes it tricky. The “p” was inserted to emulate the original Latin spelling, recepta. However, although the spelling rulei before c, except after c” has many exceptions, receipt actually adheres to it.

What Is The Definition of Receipt?

Receipt /rɪˈsiːt/ is most commonly used as a noun that refers to “a written acknowledgement of receiving goods or money.” When you go to the store and buy something, most of the time the cashier hands you a receipt that proves what you bought was paid for.

Here’s how to use this word in a sentence:

To return the clothes, you’ll need to bring the original receipt.

Receipt can also mean “the act or process of receiving” or “something received.”

We were instructed to open the package immediately upon receipt.

As a verb, receipt means “mark (a bill/good/service) as paid.”

All books will be receipted after payment.

Are There Other Words for Receipt?

If you still have trouble spelling the word receipt, you can use these synonyms (or words with similar meanings) instead:

Receipt—Acknowledgement of delivery:

proof of purchase

Receipt—The act of receiving


Here’s a trick to help you correctly spell receipt: remember that the last three letters are i, p, tI purchased that. Or, use LanguageTool as your writing assistant to make sure your text is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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