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“Without” a Doubt, This Word Is Always Spelled With No Space

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Don’t continue your day “without” reading this blog post. We'll go over how to spell “without” and provide examples.

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“Without” can function as a preposition, adverb, and noun.
With out, with-out

“With Out” or “Without”?

If you’re wondering whether the correct spelling is with out, with-out, or without, remember that the correct spelling of this word is always as one word (no space and no hyphen).

Without is most commonly used as a preposition or adverb, but can sometimes be used as a noun.

As a preposition, without means:

1. “not having, experiencing, or showing something”

I was surprised when my young daughter went two days without crying.

2. “not in the company of somebody”

Johanna didn’t want to go to Mexico without Louise.

3. “not doing the action mentioned”

Eliza didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to Bridgette.

Similarly, as an adverb, without means:

1. “not having or showing something”

Unfortunately, there are no more seats, but we’ll have to do without.

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Remember to spell it “without” instead of “with out” or “with-out”. 

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