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Synonyms for “Best Wishes”

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Are you tired of using “best wishes” to end an email? Or perhaps you’re congratulating someone, and “best wishes” seems impersonal. Those are valid concerns that we’re here to help with. We’ll elaborate on what this phrase means and provide alternative expressions you can use instead.

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There are many other phrases you can use instead of “best wishes.”

What Does “Best Wishes” Mean?

Best wishes is a common sign-off, which is a short one-to-three-word phrase that’s used to end an email. It precedes your name or signature and is always followed by a comma. 

Dear Mr. Oliver,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help you have provided over the last few years. You have made my time here infinitely easier, and I will be forever grateful.

Again, thanks for all you have done for me and this company.

Best wishes,
Loretta Swink 

Best wishes is also a common expression used to congratulate others on their special achievements or convey hope during special occasions. For example, if your best friend recently got accepted into his dream university, you might write him a card that says:

Best wishes on this momentous occasion!

Or, if you’re invited to a wedding, you might buy a card that reads: 

Best wishes on your wedding day!

It can be argued that it’s another way of saying good luck. However, keep in mind that best wishes on its own can be interpreted as generic and cold.

Below, you’ll find synonyms for best wishes that you can use to end an email, as well as more heartfelt phrases that help express joy, praise, and congratulations.

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“Best wishes” is a common phrase.

Other Ways To Say “Best Wishes” When Used as an Email Ending

There are several synonyms you can use for best wishes in an email. Here, we’ll give you friendly, professional, and affectionate options. 

Friendly and Informal

All The Best,
Talk soon,
Take care,
Warm regards,
Hi Francis,

Just a heads-up: I’ll be arriving at JFK (not LaGuardia) on Tuesday, the 12th, at 3:00 PM.

I can’t wait to see you!

Talk soon,

Formal and Professional

Kind regards, 
Best regards, 
Dear Ms. Garcia,

I have attached the amended proposal. All the requested changes have been highlighted. When you have a moment, please review the document and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss.

Kind regards,
Kevin Williams


Warmest regards, 
With love, 
Hi Ike,

Our three-year anniversary is coming up! I was looking at cabins for our stay in Colorado and have narrowed the options to these two. Let me know what you think. We can discuss this over dinner tonight.


Other Ways To Say “Best Wishes” When Used To Express Congratulations

Remember, best wishes can be interpreted as rather stale, especially when you aim to express genuine happiness and hopefulness for someone’s future. Instead, you should use any of the phrases found below. 

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that these closings are supplemental and perform best when combined with at least one additional sentence. Employing them in isolation can be just as uninspired as using the phrase best wishes on its own. 

For Achievements

Your hard work paid off!
Well done!
Way to go!
You did it!

Congratulations on graduating—your hard work paid off!

For New Beginnings or Special Events

Cheers to your new journey!
Here’s to new adventures!
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! 

You’re going to do great at your new job. Cheers to your new journey!

Best Wishes on Your Writing Journey

An important aspect of being a good writer is knowing multiple ways of saying something. After reading this blog post, you should be slightly more proficient at writing, as you now know several synonyms for best wishes, whether you’re using it in an email or to express joy and congratulations. 

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