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“Confusing” Synonyms & Example Sentences

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If you’re looking for other words you can use in place of “confusing,” you’ve come to the right place. We compiled a list of synonyms plus example sentences to help expand your English vocabulary and improve your fluency.

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There are many other words you can use instead of “confusing.”
Synonyms for “Confusing”: Quick Summary

Confusing is an adjective that describes something as “unclear” or “difficult to understand.”

  • The book was confusing.

A synonym you can use in place of confusing is perplexing.

  • The book was perplexing.

Sometimes thesauruses can be… well, confusing.

That’s because they usually only list synonyms, but don’t provide example sentences or additional information to teach you how to use those words in context.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of nine synonyms you can use in place of confusing, example sentences and a brief explanation of what they mean.

Let’s get started!

What Does “Confusing” Mean?

Before we go over the list of synonyms for confusing, let us first review what this word means.

Confusing is an adjective that describes someone or something as “difficult to understand” or “causing a feeling of uncertainty or puzzlement.” For example, a complex mathematical formula can be confusing to someone who is not well-versed in math.

It was confusing because everyone was giving us contradictory directions, so that’s why we got lost.
The teacher’s explanation was so confusing that none of the students could understand the lesson.
I find Android’s interface to be confusing and difficult to navigate, which is why I prefer Apple iPhones.
Image shows a cartoon-style confused face.
“Confusing” is derived from the verb “confuse.”

What Are Other Words for “Confusing”?

Why would you need other words for confusing? Because knowing them expands your vocabulary and improves your communication, which in turn strengthens your writing skills. For instance, instead of saying that something is very confusing, you can use any of the synonyms below, which convey a strong sense of confusion.

The plot of the movie was very confusing.

1. Bamboozling

Bamboozling is a casual and informal way of describing something as confusing. Keep in mind that this word can also mean “to deceive, fool, or cheat someone.”

The quarterback kept bamboozling the opposing team with his trick play calls.

2. Baffling

Something that is baffling means that it is “unbelievably confusing and difficult to comprehend.”

It was a baffling mystery, as investigators could not find any information on the whereabouts of the missing plane.

3. Bewildering

Bewildering is another advanced synonym that describes something as “so confusing it causes a feeling of being lost or disoriented.”

The instructions in the assembly manual were so bewildering that I had to hire a professional.

4. Befuddling

If someone is befuddling you, that means they are confusing you. Be aware that this word can also mean “to stupefy with or as if with a drink.”

The device was befuddling me, so I had to call customer service for help.

5. Fuzzy

Fuzzy has a few different meanings, one being “covered with short soft hair or fur,” and another “lacking in clarity or definition.”

Her reasoning was a bit fuzzy, so I wasn’t sure what to think.

6. Muddling

If someone or something is muddling, that means it’s…you guessed it! Confusing.

The forms are incredibly muddling, so I’m going to ask my accountant for help.

7. Mystifying

Magicians are often referred to as mystifying because their tricks often leave you confused.

The magician’s tricks were so mystifying that even after the show ended, the audience couldn’t figure out how he did them.

8. Perplexing

Something that is perplexing is confusing and causes someone to be uncertain or unsure how to proceed or make sense of it.

Researchers tried to gather data on this perplexing issue.

9. Puzzling

Puzzling is defined as “difficult to comprehend or solve.”

The detective was working on one of the most puzzling cases of her career.

Find Synonyms in a Non-Confusing Way

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Remember to avoid using “very confusing” in your writing. 

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