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Synonyms for Important

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Sometimes the word “important” isn’t sufficient. Here are a few other words you could use instead.

Important synonyms might fit your text better.
Here are other words you can use instead of “important.”
Synonyms: essential, significant, crucial, substantial

What Does “Important” Mean?

Important means “of great significance or value,” and when referring to a person, “having high rank or status.”

It was important for my daughter that the whole family attend her ballet recital.

What Are Other Words for “Important”?

A few other words you can use instead of important are:

  • essential
  • critical
  • consequential
  • meaningful
  • momentous
  • significant
  • influential
  • crucial
  • substantial
  • major
  • monumental
  • pivotal

What Are Antonyms for “Important”?

Words with opposite meanings from that of important include:

  • unimportant
  • insignificant
  • meaningless
  • unsubstantial
  • nonessential
  • useless
  • unnecessary
  • minor

What Are Other Word Forms of “Important?”

The word important has a few other word forms. Here’s how to use them in a sentence:

1) Importantly: adverb used to state/emphasize a significant matter

Most importantly, though, the young siblings were reunited.

Importantly can also be used to refer to a self-important or pompous manner.

The man talked importantly, as if he were the President of the United States instead of just the president of the apartment complex.

2) Importance: noun used to refer to the quality of being important

It was of upmost importance for the package to be delivered on time.

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