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When To Use “Too” and “Either”

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If you’re wondering whether you should use “too” or “either,” when making a comment of agreement, you’ve come to the right place.

When To Use “Too” and “Either”
When you agree with someone, do you say “me too” or “me either”?
  • Use too when you want to agree with a positive statement.
    • I love going to the county fair.
      Me too!
  • Use either to agree with a negative statement.
    • I can’t stand it when people don’t say “thank you.”
      Me either.

Too and either have a few different uses. Both of these words work perfectly when you want to make a statement of agreement. However, one is used to agree with a positive statement and the other is used to agree with negative statements. We’ll explain more below.

“Too” vs. “Either”

A positive sentence (also known as an affirmative sentence) is a sentence that states something that is factual or affirms something. A negative sentence affirms something is not true or is not the case. Negative sentences contain the words no or not.

Cassie enjoys going shopping.
Cassie does not enjoy going shopping.

If you want to show agreement with a positive sentence, use too.

Cassie enjoys going shopping.
I do too.

A comma before too is optional when it’s at the end of the sentence (it works to add emphasis). However, a comma before and after too when it’s in the middle of a sentence is suggested.

I do, too.
I, too, enjoy shopping.

On the other hand, if you want to show agreement with a negative sentence, use either.

Cassie does not enjoy going shopping.
I don’t either.

When using either to agree with a negative statement, the preceding comma is also optional.

I don’t, either.

It is worth noting that you wouldn’t write I don’t neither in this case, because that would result in a double negative (I don’t either).

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“Too” and “Either”

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