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Synonyms as Good as Gold

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“Good” can function as an adjective, noun, and adverb. It has many definitions and synonyms.

Sometimes synonyms of good might fit your writing better.
It’s easy to overuse the word “good.” Below you’ll find other words you can use instead.
Synonyms: exceptional, favorable, excellent, righteous, altruistic, superb

Good is used a lot in our everyday conversations. And for good reason—it’s quite the versatile word that carries several (similar yet slightly different) meanings. Below, we’ll go over a few of them and show you other words you can use instead of good.

What Does “Good” Mean?

Good can function as an adjective, noun, and adverb. The following chart will provide definitions, synonyms, and example sentences.

“Agreeable, pleasant”
We all had a good time.
“Pleasant to look at, attractive”
Hey Pat! Looking good.
“Suitable, fit”
An SUV is a good choice for you.
“Profitable, advantageous”
Charlie helped me get a good deal.
“Noticeable large size or quantity”
We chatted for a good while before I had to head back.
“Virtuous, commendable”
She is a good person and always puts others before herself.
“Competent, skillful”
Ernesto is a good artist.
“Benefit or advantage to someone or something”
They moved to another country for the good of the family.
“Morally right, righteousness”
It was a battle of good versus evil.
After hours of practicing, he told me I was doing good.

One more definition: good with an “s” (goods) means “merchandise or possessions.”

Because of the shipping delays, many goods were delivered late.

What Are Synonyms For “Good”?

A lot of times, something is so good you want to describe it as very good. However, using words like very and really can weaken your writing. Here are synonyms  good as gold that you could use instead:

  • Adjective:
pleasant, excellent, enjoyable, delightful, great, able, adept, beneficial, considerable, significant, sizable
  • Noun:
just, moral, principled, gain, benefit
  • Adverb:
acceptable, alright, decently, fine

Keep Up The Good Work

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The English language uses “good” is used in many greetings.

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