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Fifteen “I Think” Synonyms

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Looking for another way to say “I think”? Look no further! Here are 15 other ways to say “I think” (with examples).

Looking for other ways to say I think in an essay? We can help.
Expand your vocabulary by using these “I think” synonyms.
What’s Another Way To Say “I Think”?

There are many ways to say I think. An alternative you can use instead that is suitable for professional settings is it seems to me that.

  • I think that the project was rushed, and that’s why there were so many incidents.
  • It seems to me that the project was rushed, and that’s why there were so many incidents.

There are also academic and casual synonyms you can use in place of I think.

What Does “I Think” Mean?

I think is a common English phrase that signals that what follows is an opinion on a particular matter. It’s often used to preface a statement that is based on personal perspective, belief, or evaluation rather than objective findings.

  • I think that topic may be too advanced for fifth-grade students to understand.
  • I think Gerald had a great time, but I haven’t asked him about it.
  • I think we should bring something to the dinner party.

There are several ways to say I think, some more suitable than others depending on the setting. Below, we’ll give you 15 professional, academic, and casual ways to say I think.

Professional Synonyms for “I Think”

The following I think synonyms are ideal to use in professional settings, like when you’re in a meeting, writing a work email, or in other situations that require formal language.

1. It seems to me that

It seems to me that the delays were caused by crew shortages.

2. In my opinion,

In my opinion, the release date is too soon, seeing as the product is not ready yet.

3. From my perspective,

From my perspective, introducing better and stronger alternatives is crucial.

4. My impression is that

My impression is that Sari is a better candidate for this position.

5. I believe

I believe taking this route is what’s best for the company.

Academic Synonyms for “I Think”

It’s important to vary your vocabulary when writing an essay. If you’re looking for another phrase to use in place of I think, try any of these.

6. Based on the research,

Based on the research, students learn more in school when their learning styles are considered.

7. According to my observations,

According to my observations, pasture-raised chickens produce friendlier and happier chicks.

8. Based on my analysis,

Based on my analysis, a flexitarian diet is the best choice for health-conscious people.

9. The data suggests

The data suggests that the first few years of a child’s life are critical when it comes to development.

10. The research leads me to believe

The research leads me to believe that entire colonies will be greatly affected.
Bonus Tip

Please be aware that some I think synonyms require a comma, while others do not.

Casual Synonyms for “I Think”

If you’re having a casual conversation—whether in person or via text messages or email—and need a more fluent and idiomatic way of saying I think, the following synonyms are appropriate.

11. I guess

I guess we have to give our information at the security checkpoint before passing through.

12. I suppose

I suppose I can have a drink once I’m done with work.

13. As far as I can tell,

As far as I can tell, everyone seemed to enjoy the party.

14. To be honest,

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with going out alone every once in a while.

15.  If you ask me,

If you ask me, the light blue tone goes better with the rest of the house.
This list can help you when you're looking for other ways to say I think.
Expand your vocabulary by using these “I think” synonyms.

Think It, Write It, and Correct It

There you have it: fifteen other ways to say I think. Keeping these alternative phrases in your back pocket is an easy way to improve your English fluency.

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