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10 Other Ways To Say “In Conclusion”

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The phrase “in conclusion” is often overused. We’ll go over synonyms for “in conclusion” (five formal and five casual) and provide examples showing how to use them.

Writing an essay and need an in conclusion synonym? Here are ten other words for in conclusion.
“In conclusion” is a common phrase used to transition into the last paragraph of your text.
What’s Another Way To Say “In Conclusion”?

There are many other phrases that can be used in place of in conclusion when writing an essay, report, or any other type of text.

A formal synonym you can use instead is in summary.

  • In summary, the results of the experiment supported our hypothesis.

A casual way of saying in conclusion is to wrap things up.

  • To wrap things up, that’s everything we had to deal with today.

Need Another Way of Saying “In Conclusion”?

The mighty conclusion: along with the introduction, it’s the most vital piece of your writing. It’s what readers will remember the most, what will be branded into their brains. Do you really want to start this vital paragraph with a lackluster phrase like in conclusion?

Some writers may see no problem with using this phrase, as it might be the one that fits their writing best. But if you’re looking for synonyms for in conclusion, you’ve come to the right place.

Synonyms for “In Conclusion”: Formal Phrases

Below, you’ll find five synonyms for in conclusion that are best suited for formal settings, such as professional and academic writing.

1) In summary

Like in conclusion, the phrase in summary serves as a transition phrase that signals you are starting the last paragraph of your writing. When using in summary, you should briefly review the main points of your text.

In summary, the destruction of natural habitats will soon become a problem not just for the animals but for humans, too.

2) Ultimately

Ultimately is an effective transition word you can use in place of in conclusion. It indicates that you’ve clearly expressed the central idea of your writing, but it’s particularly useful for declaring the importance of a specific call to action.

Ultimately, the decision is up to humans on whether saving the ecosystem is on our list of priorities.

3) As has been demonstrated

As has been demonstrated is a great transition expression that shows that as a writer, you are confident that you’ve thoroughly presented enough evidence or reasoning to prove your point.

As has been demonstrated in this paper, if corporations aren’t held accountable for their role in plastic pollution, millions of different species of fish, dolphins, corals, and more will become endangered.

4) In closing

In closing is another effective transition expression to let your readers know you are at the end of your writing. After using this synonym for in conclusion, you can either summarize the central principle of your text or write a call to action.

In closing, everyone can benefit from transitioning from single-use plastics to eco-friendly alternatives, like stainless steel.

5) Lastly

This synonym for in conclusion is especially useful in argumentative or informative essays when you are about to make the last point. It is commonly found in the first or last sentence of the conclusion.

Lastly, you should remember that no change is insignificant. Small changes make a big difference.
Need an in conclusion synonyn for an essay? Try using the synonyms above.
Consider using an alternative to “in conclusion” as it is often overused.

Synonyms for “In Conclusion”: Casual Phrases

Sometimes in conclusion is too lofty for the topic you’re writing about. Here are five casual synonyms you could use instead:

6) In a nutshell

This phrase is a friendly and informal equivalent of to summarize. After this transition expression, you’d review the prominent points of your text.

In a nutshell, the beach clean-up was a fun yet important activity for the kids.

7) Long story short

This synonym for in conclusion is best reserved for writing that carries a conversational tone. It also signals that you will briefly state the essence of what you’ve written.

Long story short, the field trip to the beach was a success, and I’d highly recommend other teachers try it.

8) To sum up

This transition phrase is another informal synonym of to summarize. Again, this phrase is best used for casual writing and signals you’ve reached the end of your text.

To sum up, all the activities showed the kids that living an eco-friendly life is both easy and important.

9) At the end of the day

This is the informal way of saying ultimately. Similarly, it’s helpful in pointing out a call to action.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the adults to teach the children how to live a sustainable life.

10) To wrap things up

Another informal synonym of in conclusion is to wrap things up. These linking words illustrate that you’ve reached the end of your writing and will briefly summarize the main idea.

To wrap things up, a beach clean-up was an effective way of letting the students have fun while learning about the importance of taking care of nature.

Commas are necessary in almost every synonym to in conclusion; where they are placed depends on the wording.

All In All, Conclusions Are Important

Regardless of how you decide to conclude your writing, the most significant aspect of the conclusion is proper spelling and grammar. A simple typo or incorrect placement of a comma can make readers forget about everything you’ve written.

LanguageTool helps you avoid this by checking for spelling and grammar errors as you type. This intelligent, multilingual text editor will also enhance your writing by providing synonyms and suggesting stylistic improvements. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want flawless writing or not.

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