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“Inspired With” or “Inspired By”—Which Preposition is Correct?

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Do you know when to use “inspired with” or “inspired by”? We’ll tell you below, and also go over “inspired by” meaning and synonyms.

Do you know when to use inspired with or inspired by? We'll go over usage, meaning, and synonyms.
There’s a time and place for “inspired with” and “inspired by.”
“Inspired With” or “Inspired By”

By is usually the preposition that follows the word inspired. However, inspired with is acceptable when used in the active voice.

  • I was inspired by the volunteer’s compassionate attitude towards the shelter animals.
  • Daniel inspired with his commitment to community service.

Is It “Inspired With” or “Inspired By”?

When referring to who or what provided inspiration to someone or something, the correct phrase is always inspired by, not inspired with.

I was inspired by the masterful brushstrokes and choice of colors.

I was inspired with the masterful brushstrokes and choice of colors.

However, that doesn’t mean that the preposition with is never found after the word inspired. It can be, but only when the sentence is in the active voice.

He always leaves me inspired with hope for humanity.
She will be missed by the many people she inspired with her compassion and effort.

Inspired by, on the other hand, is a by-agent and the phrase to use when using the passive voice.

I was inspired by his hope for humanity.
She will be missed by the many people that were inspired by her compassion and effort.

“Inspired By” Meaning

Inspire is a verb. To be inspired by someone or something means that you were given an “idea” or “given the desire, confidence, and enthusiasm” to do something well, especially something creative.

Many modern movies are inspired by old stories.
I was inspired by my little sister to run for class president.
The young writers had been inspired by literary legends like James Joyce, Sylvia Plath, and many more.
The families were inspired by the number of donations received.
I knew Francis was going to feel inspired by Luigi’s results.
Inspired by meaning, synonyms, and more.
“Inspired by” is the typical construction when using the passive voice.

“Inspired By” Synonyms

There are a few synonyms you can use in place of inspired by.

1. Encouraged by

Grether was encouraged by her peers’ success.

2. Influenced by

The film was influenced by Wes Anderson’s artistic directing.

3. Inspirited by

The team was inspirited by their recent consecutive wins.

4.  Motivated by

Alexia was motivated by Lester’s determination to win first place.

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