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Eleven Other Ways To Say “Please Advise”

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There are clearer and more direct ways to say “please advise.” We’ll go over eleven formal and casual alternatives and provide examples.

Please advise or please advice? We'll go over this and give you alternatives.
“Please advise” is a common email phrase.
“Please Advise” Meaning
  • Please advise is a phrase used in professional emails when someone is requesting guidance, answers, instructions, or additional information.
  • A formal alternative you can use instead is may I get advice on the matter?
    • Now that you know all the details, may I get advice on the matter?
  • A casual alternative you can use is keep me posted.
    • Keep me posted on the results. Thanks!

Please Advise on Other Expressions That Could Be Used Instead

If you write numerous emails throughout the day, you may catch yourself often reusing the same phrases over and over again. One such phrase may be please advise.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using this phrase, you should know that there are clearer and more direct alternatives you can use instead. Below, we’ll go over formal alternatives that express exactly what you’re requesting and casual options that make you sound less formulaic.

Please advise synonyms: Find formal and casual alternatives below.
If you want to add variety to your emails, try any of these “please advise” alternatives below. 

What Does “Please Advise” Mean?

Please advise is a common and versatile email phrase. Depending on the context, it’s frequently used when requesting advice, answers, instructions, or further information.

Here are a few examples of please advise in a sentence:

Dear Mr. Miller,
I have not been granted access to the team’s online hub and therefore cannot complete any tasks. Please advise on how I should proceed.

Thank you,
Dear Quincy,
The regional manager was expecting the completed report yesterday. Please advise on its status.

Thank you,

“Please Advise” Alternatives: Formal

As we have noted, please advise is quite flexible and can be used to convey different messages depending on the context of the email. The issue is that its versatility makes it not as informative.

The following formal alternatives make your request as straightforward as possible.

1. May I get your advice on the matter?

This option explicitly and politely conveys that you are in need of the recipient’s advice.

The star players are having trouble working together on the same team. May I get your advice on the matter?

Don’t mix up the words advice and advise. Advise is a verb that means “to give someone help or suggestions.” Advice is a noun that refers to the “help, guidance, or suggestions” given by someone.

2. I would appreciate your input.

This option isn’t necessarily asking for advice as much as it’s asking someone for their views or perspective on something.

Both Lorraine and Felix have complained to HR about the work environment, although we have done everything we can to accommodate them. I would appreciate your input on this.

3. The situation warrants your attention and instruction.

This alternative is mostly reserved for urgent matters and informs the recipient that their attention and instruction are direly needed.

Mr. Ali,
The branch’s sales have dropped substantially over the last quarter. This situation warrants your attention and instruction. We will be there on Monday for a meeting.

4. I am awaiting further instructions.

This please advise synonym is ideal when you require clarification or instruction on a certain matter. Often, the person making the request for instruction cannot proceed with their task or assignment until guidance has been given.

I have completed the requested forms and turned them in. I am awaiting further instructions on how to proceed with the interview.

5. Kindly provide guidance.

This is another phrase you can use when you are in need of advice.

Kindly provide guidance on how to close the store in a timely manner. Thank you.

6. Please keep me informed.

This option formally expresses a request to be informed and kept up-to-date on certain matters.

Please keep me informed on the hiring process and if you interviewed any memorable candidates.
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“Please Advise” Alternatives: Casual

Please advise is mostly used in formal and professional settings. If you want a more friendly and casual alternative, try any of these:

7. Please let me know.

This phrase is a casual way of saying please keep me informed.

Hey Frank,
Did you hear anything about the upcoming changes to our schedule? Please let me know.

8. Please keep me posted.

This phrase is another casual and friendly way of saying please keep me informed.

Julissa, please keep me posted on the results.

9. Please get back to me.

This alternative conveys that you’re in need of a response.

Please get back to me as soon as possible about the orders. Thank you!

10. Please fill me in.

If you need someone to provide further information about something, you can ask for it by using this phrase instead.

I was late to the meeting. Can you please fill me in on what I missed?

11.  Please keep me in the loop.

This is another cordial phrase you can use when you are asking to stay informed and up to date on something.

I won’t be attending the company picnic, but please keep me in the loop about anything funny or memorable that happens.

Using “Please Advise” Alternatives

Whether you’re writing a formal or casual alternative, you always want to be polite. When using these alternatives, make sure to use words like please or kindly either in the phrase or somewhere in the email.

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