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Going Forward | Synonyms for Business Emails

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Strengthen your vocabulary with these synonyms for “going forward.”

“Going forward” is a popular business phrase that is commonly used to refer to future actions or strategies. It is frequently used to imply a change or progression from the current state.

Example: Going forward in an email

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for coming into the office—the presentation was a success. Going forward, our company will be exclusively using your project management tool.

We look forward to implementing the change.

Thank you,

Going forward synonyms

It’s important to note that “going forward” can also be used in a literal sense. For example, in a physical context, “going forward” indicates the actual movement of moving ahead, such as in the sentence “After a long pause, the driver decided it was safe to start going forward again.”

However, the synonyms below are intended to replace “going forward” in the business context, meaning “from this point on.”

1. As we move forward

As we move forward, let’s prioritize customer feedback.

2. As we proceed

As we proceed, please ensure all reports are fact-checked before submission. 

3. From here on out

From here on out, all team meetings will be held once a month instead of once a week. 

4. From now on

From now on, expense reports must be submitted to Katherine. 

5.  From this point forward

From this point forward, let’s align our strategies with the new policies. 

6. In the future

In the future, let’s focus on enhancing our marketing strategy. 

7. Moving forward

Moving forward, we’ll be implementing a flexible work schedule
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