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How To Write a Love Letter: A Complete Guide

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Are your palms sweating as you try to write a love letter? Well, lucky for you, you’ve just hit the jackpot! This blog post provides everything you need to write a beautiful, sentimental letter that will leave your loved one speechless.

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Many people find writing a love letter challenging, but this post will make it easy.

Why Writing a Love Letter Can Be Difficult

First, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in your struggle to write a love letter. After all, these types of letters require introspection and vulnerability, which many people aren’t comfortable with.

In addition, you probably desire to write a breathtaking love letter—one of those that your significant other will want to keep forever, right? So, the stakes are high, and the pressure is on.

But stay calm because everything you need to write a love letter is in this blog post. Here, you’ll find:

  • Tips to help you write a love letter
  • Ideas on the type of love letter you can write
  • Examples you can draw inspiration from
  • A template you can easily use if you’re short on time and creativity
  • Classic love quotes you can use to compliment your letter

The letter you’ll write after reading this post will surely sweep your partner off their feet!

Let’s get started!

Meme shows man sweating nervously with text that reads "When you want to send your crush a love letter but you suck at writing."
You’ll be a smooth-talking, love-letter writing pro once you’re done reading this post!

Tips on How To Write a Love Letter

The following tips help establish the foundation you need to write the perfect love letter.

1. Be sincere.

It may be hard for some people, but it’s essential to be sincere when expressing your feelings, intentions, and hopes.

Perhaps doing this doesn’t come naturally to you, and that’s okay. You can start a rough draft by freewriting—simply jotting down your stream of consciousness without any pauses or worries about spelling and grammar errors. After a few minutes of doing this, read what you wrote. Then, pick a few thoughts you’d like to polish, focus on, and expand in your letter.

Another essential bit of advice to help you be sincere is to avoid clichés. These overused expressions do not carry any weight and would have no effect on your writing.

I love you to the moon and back.

2. Consider how long you’ve been together.

When you sit down to write a love letter, stop for a moment to think about the length of time you and your partner have been together, as this will influence the type of message you will write.

To clarify, writing a love letter to your spouse, whom you’ve been with for 35 years, will differ significantly from one composed after just a single date with someone. That’s not to say one is more important than the other; it’s just that the content will be different.

Again, it’s worth reiterating that even if you’re writing a love letter to someone you haven’t been with for too long, it’s always vital to be honest and straightforward. If you enjoyed your first date and can’t stop thinking about it, express that. But if you’ve only had one date, maybe hold off on telling that person you love them. Balance is key!

3. Know your audience.

Moreover, take a moment to think about who is on the receiving end of the love letter. What are they like? Do they appreciate sentimental messages, or do mushy messages make them want to run the other way? Will they like a bit of humor, or is it better to maintain a formal tone? Ask yourself these questions before you start writing a love letter.

4. Use a proper tone and style.

Regardless of what you’re writing, tone and style always matter! This holds true when composing a love letter, too. Be careful not to sound too rigid. On the other end of the spectrum, try not to come off as too flippant.

We know. Writing a love letter may seem like balancing on a tightrope. But love is worth it!

5. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

You may be tempted to roll your eyes at this tip, but don’t, because it’s critical! According to studies, proper grammar and spelling play a significant role in the success of online dating profiles. Women, in particular (65% of those surveyed), would let incorrect grammar get in the way of a potential first date.

Sure, online dating profiles and love letters aren’t the same, but it’s best to play it safe by avoiding these errors.

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Graphic shows list of the tips on how to write a love letter shown in the section above.
These tips will help establish the foundation you need when writing a love letter. 

Love Letter Ideas

We’ve covered some tips, and now we will review a few ideas for different types of love letters you can write.

1. Reminisce

If you and your loved one have been dating for a while, you can write a love letter to reminisce on the good times you have had. Write about your favorite memory together. What were you thinking or feeling at that time? Why is it so important to you? You can pinpoint one specific moment or write broadly about your time together.

2. Dream of the future

Another option is to write about your aspirations for the future together. What do you envision? Do you want to get married or have kids? Buy a house or travel the world? Your desires don’t have to be grand. You can also write about wanting to go on more dates to keep getting to know each other. Expressing your hopes—big or small—is a great theme for a love letter.

3. Admiration and Appreciation

Use a love letter as an opportunity to express admiration and appreciation for your partner. If you love their long hair, sweet smile, or how they can make you laugh no matter what, share that with them. People love to feel admired and appreciated, so including this in a love letter is a surefire way to sweep someone off their feet.

You can also write a love letter incorporating all three ideas above.

How To Start a Love Letter

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. If you’re unsure how to write a greeting for a love letter, take your pick from the list below.

Remember, there’s no problem using the classic (but frequently used) Dear.

Dear [name],
My Dearest [name],
To my darling,
To the sweetest person I’ve ever met,
Beloved [name],
My soulmate,
To the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on,
To the most handsome man I’ve ever seen,
My one and only,
My love,

How To End a Love Letter

You’ve done the hard part! Now all you need is a closing. Here are a few examples you can use:

Forever yours,
With all my heart,
Yours truly,
I am eternally grateful for you,
Always and forever,
With a heart full of love,
With all my love and affection,
Sending hugs and kisses,
Yours devotedly,

Love Letter Examples

By now, you should have much more knowledge about how to write a love letter than when you started reading this post. However, if you need more inspiration to get the wheels rolling, take a look at the following short-but-touching love letters.

Dearest Nicole,
I came across a picture of us on our first date, and it compelled me to write to you. Can you believe that was over 40 years ago? We were kids. We knew nothing about life, the challenges we’d have to overcome, or the beauty we’d get to appreciate. The only thing we were absolutely certain of was that we loved each other and would be together until our last breath.

I feel as confident about that as I did when I first saw you at the ice cream store, as you unabashedly requested about ten different samples. The ice cream we shared that day was sweet but it does not compare to the love we share.

With a heart full of love and a belly full of ice cream,
Dear Jack,
Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of our first date, so I wanted to take a moment to write to you. Please forgive me if this letter gets too sentimental, but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to tell you how much fun I’ve been having with you.

Nothing makes me happier than talking about our future life together, like all the places we want to visit and what color we want to paint our imaginary yet inevitable house. All those things sound perfect to me, but I’d be content for the rest of my life, doing whatever, as long as I’m with you.

Thanks for the hope you bring to my heart,
My soulmate,
Often, I sit back and wonder how I got so lucky to end up with someone like you. Someone so loving, caring, compassionate, and generous. Someone who is patient with me, whether I’m in a good mood or whether I’m grumpy because I haven’t eaten all day. Your smile moves me, and your infectious laugh fuels me.

I’m so grateful for everything you have done for me. I don’t know if I can ever repay you, but I’ll spend my life trying.

Thanks for being you,

Love Letter Template

If all else fails and you still don’t feel comfortable writing a love letter, you can use the following template. However, we’d recommend against this. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, a love letter should be sincere, and using a ready-made template to express your love is anything but.

But sometimes life gets hectic, or maybe you’ve run short on time, creativity, and inspiration. If that’s the case, use the template found below. Just remember to edit the bracketed text and personalize it as you see fit.

Dear [name],
Ever since I met you [number] of [days/months/years] ago, my days have been more vivid. Even the worst moments don’t seem so bad knowing I’ll soon be in your loving embrace.

I know everyone says this when they are [in love/smitten/crushing on someone], but you truly are the [quality like “sweetest” or “most caring”]  [girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/partner] that anyone could ask for. You make me want to be the best version of myself because you deserve nothing less.

I look forward to spending more time with you as we continue [to get to know each other/grow old together]. You’ve made me the happiest [woman/man/person] in the world, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

[Your name]

Love Letter Quotes

Some people like to add classic quotes to their love letters to compliment their writing. If you’re interested in trying this technique, consider using any of the ones below.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. -Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo is considered one of the greatest French Romantic writers of all time.
I am grateful—gratefuler than ever before— that you were born, and that your love is mine and our two lives woven and welded together. - Mark Twain
Keep in mind that “gratefuler” is not a grammatically correct word, but maybe Mark Twain was too in love to care!
We're most alive when we're in love. —John Updike
Being in love can evoke feelings of euphoria. 
Who, being loved, is poor? —Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet, playwright, and author most known for his work “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”
I wish you to know you have been the last dream of my soul. —Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens was a renowned English novelist.
How To Write a Love Letter: Summary

When you sit down to express your love via the written word, just take a few deep breaths beforehand and let it flow. And while you write, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be sincere.
  • Consider how long you’ve been together.
  • Know your audience.
  • Use a proper tone and style.
  • Avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes by using LanguageTool as your writing assistant.
  • Focus on reminiscing, dreaming about the future, expressing admiration and appreciation, or all of the above!

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