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What To Say Instead of “Nice To E-Meet You”

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It’s best to avoid the phrase “nice to e-meet you.” We’ll give you five alternatives you could use instead to sound more professional.

Nice To E-Meet You Alternatives
We’d recommend avoiding the phrase “nice to e-meet you.”

It’s nice to e-meet you.

It’s great to connect with you.

What’s Wrong With “It’s Nice To E-Meet You?”

The era of electronic meetings brought upon by the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic also ushered in many new words and phrases. One that became popular was it’s nice to e-meet you.

Think about it this way. If you met someone via email and subsequently met them in person, would you say “oh, yeah, we already e-met”? Probably not. The term e-meet adds an unnecessary letter (you already know how we feel about wordiness).

However, there are times when you do “meet” someone via email communication. If you want to follow the formalities but don’t know what you should say, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find five alternatives to the phrase it’s nice to e-meet you.

“Nice To E-Meet You” Alternatives

1. Nice to meet you.

Admittedly, it’s not our favorite option, but there’s nothing wrong with writing nice to meet you in an email. The medium itself dictates that everything is being done virtually—from the “meeting” to the communication.

2. I’ve heard great things about you.

Consider this a close cousin to nice to meet you. Think about it: If you’re using the formality nice to meet you, it’s probably because you’ve heard positive things about the person you’re meeting. In that case, skip the awkward “e-meet” and use this phrase instead.

3. It’s nice to make your acquaintance.

This one is good because technically an acquaintance is someone you know informally, not personally. If you’re only meeting someone via email communication, then it’s nice to make your acquaintance is a perfect phrase to use.

4. It’s great to get in touch with you.

In touch is a phrase that means “establish communication with someone,” which is quite literally what you’re doing when you email someone. It’s a great alternative to the gawky e-meet phrase.

5. It’s great to connect with you.

In this digital world, connections are everywhere. That’s why this alternative is our favorite. Whether you’re communicating via email or social media accounts, what you’re doing is connecting with other people. It’s great to connect with you is the best alternative to it’s nice to e-meet you.

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