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Seven Other Ways To Say “No Worries” Professionally

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Are you looking for another way to say “no worries” professionally? Below, we’ll go over what this phrase means and provide seven synonyms that are more suitable for business emails.

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There are professional alternatives to the phrase “no worries.”
“No Worries”: Quick Summary

No worries is a shortened version of do not worry about it or there’s nothing to worry about. The phrase is primarily used in casual conversations. Another way of saying no worries professionally is it’s no trouble at all.

  • It’s no trouble at all. Our team will be there first thing in the morning.

“No Worries” Meaning

No worries is a shortened version of the phrase don’t worry about it. It expresses to the recipient that there is “no reason to worry.” It’s often used as a synonym for you’re welcome, but it can also be similar to saying that’s alright, sure thing, and forget about it.

Don’t Worry About It
—I cannot believe I was late again.
No worries. Lisa is aware that you’re having car problems.
You’re Welcome
—Thanks for helping me the other day.
No worries. I know you would’ve done the same for me.
That’s Alright
—Sorry that I couldn’t go to your dinner, John. I wasn’t feeling well.
No worries. You didn’t miss out on much either way.
Sure Thing
—Is there any way you can stay late to help me with the project?
—Of course, no worries. I planned on staying here for a few more hours either way.
Forget About It
I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this.
No worries; I’ll ask John if he knows what’s going on.

Although no worries has slightly different uses, at its core, it means “there’s no need to worry.” It’s a phrase that is meant to ease someone’s concerns and is especially popular in casual settings.

Sometimes, though, you can also come across it in business communication. If you’re looking for a more professional way to convey this message, pick a synonym from the list below.

Seven Other Ways To Say “No Worries”

Remember: Context is key! Use these synonyms accordingly based on the message you want to express.

1. Don’t worry about it

Again, no worries is just the shortened version of don’t worry about it. You can avoid colloquialisms in your business emails by using the longer version of this phrase.

Don’t worry about it, Jessica. All new hires go through a learning curve, but I assure you, you’ll get this in no time.
2. It’s no problem

It’s not a problem can take the place of no worries when you’re using it to mean you’re welcome, sure thing, or that’s alright.

It’s no problem. I’d be happy to walk you through the process.
3. There’s no need to worry

This phrase is synonymous with no worries when you want to help calm someone’s doubts or troubles.

There’s no need to worry about that. The deadline was extended to meet the team’s needs.
4. It’s no trouble at all

You can use this alternative if you’re using no worries to mean you’re welcome or don’t worry about it.

It’s no trouble at all; I am here to help!
5. Don’t fret about it

To fret means to “be visibly anxious or concerned.” Knowing that, telling someone not to fret is equivalent to telling someone not to worry.

Please don’t fret about it—everything will be resolved shortly.
6. It’s no issue

It’s no issue is another way to say no worries when you’re using the phrase to mean “don’t worry about it” or “that’s alright.”

The delivery of the package was delayed, but it’s no issue. I’ve already reached out to the client and offered a 10% discount for the inconvenience.
7. That’s perfectly fine

Lastly, that’s perfectly fine is a more eloquent way of saying no worries when writing a professional email or conversing in a formal setting.

I was made aware that you won’t be in the presentation, and that’s perfectly fine. We’ll just have Jacob fill in for you.
Graphic shows list of "no worries" synonyms.
Try these professional alternatives next time you want to say, “no worries.” 

How To Write Formal, Flawless Emails

Using formal vocabulary is as easy as choosing to write the extended version of colloquial expressions. In other words, the synonyms above are just longer and more eloquent ways to say no worries.

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