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15 “Congratulations” Synonyms

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Whether for a graduation, wedding, promotion, or any other special occasion, surely there are different ways to say “congratulations,” right? Yes! Below, you’ll find fifteen fun, friendly, and unique congratulatory words and phrases.

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Congratulations! You’ve found the best post to help you learn other ways to praise others for their achievements.

Moving Past “Congrats”

Finished first place in a race you’ve been training exhaustively for? Finally got a black belt in karate? Passed a test you’ve been struggling with for quite some time? These are all achievements for which someone might express praise by saying, “Congratulations!”

It’s a ubiquitous phrase, meaning you probably hear it often for various types of goals and milestones reached. If you’re looking for other ways to say this expression, then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll give you fifteen congratulatory words and phrases you can use instead.

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We’ll teach you to say “congratulations” like a fluent English speaker.
How To Spell “Congratulations”

The word congratulations is often incorrectly spelled with a “d.” Remember that congratulations is always spelled with a “t” in the middle of the word and the last syllable.

Congratulations on graduating from high school!

Congradulations graduating from high school!

Congratulatory Words

1) Bravo

Bravo is an exclamation that expresses approval and admiration, especially of a performance.

Bravo, Jessie! You were the star of the show.

2) Cheers

Cheers is versatile and can be used as a toast or another way to say thank you. But it can also convey good wishes, making it a popular choice for a congratulatory expression.

Cheers to your well-deserved promotion! 

3) Felicitations

Think of felicitations as a more formal way of saying congratulations. Using this alternative will make you stand out with your impressive vocabulary.

Felicitations on your beautiful wedding! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. 

4) Hooray

Hooray is an interjection, a word expressing strong emotion or a sudden burst of feeling. In this case, it conveys happiness and encouragement.

Hooray! You got your driver’s license. I’m so proud of you. 

5) Kudos

Kudos is a noun that means “praise and recognition for an achievement.” But when used casually, it can be a synonym for congratulations.

Kudos on finishing the book, Sam.

6) Mazel tov

Mazel tov is a loanword borrowed from Hebrew, which means “good luck or good fortune.” It’s casually employed to express congratulations, which means one doesn’t need to be Jewish or at a Jewish event to use this exclamation.

Beautiful ceremony—mazel tov!

7) Props

Props is a slang term derived from “proper respect.” It conveys credit or recognition and, therefore, can be used as an informal synonym for congratulations.

Props to you for finishing that triathlon. I wouldn’t have been able to.

Congratulatory Phrases

8) A round of applause

Using this expression is basically a way of applauding someone without actually clapping. Be careful, though. If you’re around a group of people when you use this phrase, they might think you’re literally requesting a round of applause.

You deserve a round of applause, Cindy, for doing such a great job leading the project. 

9) Hats off to you

Gentlemanly ways indicate that a man should take off his hat when entering a room or at a restaurant to show respect. Therefore, saying hats off to you is a way to express respect and praise to someone for an achievement.

Hats off to you. That was one heck of a game! 

10) Keep up the great work

When you tell someone to keep up the great work, you’re simultaneously recognizing their past performance and encouraging them to keep it up.

You’re doing a phenomenal job leading the team. Keep up the great work

11) Outstanding job

Outstanding job is an expression that highlights someone’s excellent and impressive work.

Outstanding job on closing the deal, Farrah. We couldn’t have done it without you.

12) Well done

This expression is another simple and direct way of praising someone for their effort and subsequent accomplishments.

Well done on passing the exam. I knew all those relentless hours of studying would be worth it.

13) What an accomplishment

What an accomplishment also calls attention to a significant achievement.

I heard you published your first book. What an accomplishment!

14) Way to go

Way to go is a colloquial phrase of congratulations, approval, and encouragement.

I heard you got first place in the race. Way to go!

15) You did it

You did it is a straightforward acknowledgment of someone’s success or achievement.

I heard you closed on the house. You did it

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