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Seven Out-of-Office Messages That Are Perfect for the Holidays

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Your holiday vacation is about to start, and you’ve just realized you haven’t set your out-of-office message. Instead of fussing over writing the perfect auto-reply email, simply go ahead and pick from seven funny, friendly, or professional messages we wrote for you.

White text over yellow background reads "Holiday Out-of-Office Messages." (OOO Messages)
Here’s our holiday treat for you: Seven festive out-of-office messages

What Are “Out-of-Office Messages”?

An out-of-office message, often called an auto-reply email, is a pre-written response automatically sent to anyone who emails you while you’re unavailable. For instance, you may be temporarily busy or away for a longer period of time.

Out-of-office messages can vary in tone, message, and style, but they normally present the same information: your return date and the person you can contact during your absence.

You’re probably eager to rush out of the office to enjoy your holiday break. Instead of going through the hassle of writing an auto-reply email, just take your pick from any of the funny, friendly, and formal messages we crafted for you.

Image shows Santa sitting at a table with a laptop in front of him, with text that reads "Festive Out-of-Office Messages."
Even Santa knows the importance of setting an out-of-office message.

Seven Out-of-Office Templates for the Holidays

Please note that it’s important to pick an out-of-office message that fits the professional setting. There are fun options to choose from, but if your clients, supervisors, or colleagues expect professional language, then pick an auto-reply email that falls under the professional category.

Additionally, it’s common for out-of-office messages to include the name and contact information of the person to be reached while you’re gone. The pre-written messages below are formatted accordingly, but the text could be removed if it’s not needed.

Funny Out-of-Office Messages



Don’t tell anyone, but I’m one of Santa’s Little Helpers. That means I’ll be really busy this Christmas season making sure everyone gets their presents, and I won't be back until the start of the new year.

If you can wait until then, perfect! If it’s an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact [name] at [contact info].

P.S. I’ll make sure you get that gift you asked for.

Ho, ho, ho!
[Your name]


Hi there,

I’m taking the next few [days/weeks] off to try to get back on the “nice list.” I will be back on [date]. If you have any tips, please send them my way!

And if you have any time-sensitive requests, please forward them to [name] at [contact info].

Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
[Your name]

Friendly Out-of-Office Messages


Hello and happy holidays!

I’m currently on vacation and will return on [date].

Until then, I’ll most likely be sipping hot chocolate and staying warm by the fireplace. If you have any urgent matters that must be addressed, please contact [name] at [contact info].

Stay merry and bright,
[Your name]


‘Tis the season…to go on a holiday break to spend time with my loved ones.

I’ll be back on [date]. Until then, if you have a time-critical matter, please feel free to contact [name] at [contact info].

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
[Your name]

Professional Out-of-Office Messages



If you’re reading this, that means I’m out of the office enjoying this festive season. I will be back on [date] and will make sure to reply to emails in a timely manner.

If you have an urgent matter that needs to be addressed while I’m gone, please contact [name] at [contact info].

Happy holidays!
[Your name]


Season’s greetings!

Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office and will not return until [date]. You are welcome to contact [name] at [contact info] for any pressing matters. Otherwise, you can expect a response from me no later than [date].

I appreciate your understanding.

Enjoy the holidays,



I am currently out of the office until [date]. My colleague, [name], has agreed to respond to any time-sensitive messages. Please redirect your email to [email address] or call [phone number]. Thank you for understanding. I will be in contact with you soon.

I hope you enjoy the holidays,
[Your name]

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