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Is It “In Regard To” or “In Regards To”?

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“In regard to” is a phrase that’s commonly used in formal settings. But what about “in regards to”? We’ll tell you which is correct and also provide synonyms.

In regards or in regard? This blog post will tell you which is correct.
Let’s dive into the difference between these two phrases.
“In Regards” or “In Regard”?

The phrase in regard to is correct—no “-s.” Although in regards to is often used in casual speech, it is considered a nonstandard phrase.

  • My question is in regard to the job listing.

In regard to can be considered wordy, so try using a more concise synonym like regarding.

  • My question is regarding the job listing.

“In Regard To” vs. “In Regards To”

Whether or not in regard to is written with an “-s” is a common question.

The correct spelling is always in regard to (no “-s”), not in regards to.

I had to write an appeal in regard to the citations we received.

I had to write an appeal in regards to the citations we received. .

“In Regard To” Meaning

In regard to is a phrase that’s generally used in formal settings, like writing a professional email. It means “with respect to or in relation to someone or something.”

So, when you’re writing your boss an email about your much-deserved raise, you’d write something like:

This email is in regard to the raise we discussed last week.

Which means:

This email is in relation to the raise we discussed last week.

You should know, however, that in regard to can be considered wordy. If there are more concise alternatives, why not use them?

Below you’ll find three synonyms for in regard to and example sentences to teach you how to properly use them.

“In Regard To” Synonyms

1. Regarding

If this is regarding the estimate, you have to talk to Emile.

2. Concerning

This email is concerning the issue with the deliveries.

3. About

I’m writing about the job posting that was on your website.

In Regard To Error-Free Writing

Please be aware that this article only pertains to the phrase in regard to.

Regards is its own word that has different meanings and can be a noun or a verb. That being said, there are instances that regards (plural) is correct.

Send them my regards.

This might be where the confusion arises.

Regarding these errors, there’s something that can help you avoid them.

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Try using these in regards to synonyms.
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