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The Subtle Silent B—What You Need To Know

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Wondering why some words have a silent “b”? Continue reading to find out.

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Encountering a silent “b” in a word can perplex both native speakers and English language learners.
Words with a silent b include comb, bomb, and subtle.

Silent B—Why Does it Exist?

Silent letters are one of the most baffling components of the English language. Knowing when to pronounce them or not is all a matter of familiarization and practice. The silent “b” is no different.

The silent “b” is often the result of how a word evolved from either Latin, Old English, or French. Consider the word bomb. It is derived from the Italian word “bomba” (which came from the Greek word “bonbos”). The second “b” in bomba is pronounced, but as the English word evolved, the second “b” sound was dropped, yet the spelling remained the same.

In other cases, the silent “b” was added to help draw a clearer connection to its origin. Doubt, for example, comes from the Latin word “dubitare.”

Words With a Silent B

The only way to truly comprehend silent letters and know whether to pronounce them is by practicing. Below you’ll find a list of words with a silent “b.”


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