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What makes LanguageTool’s spelling and grammar checker stand out from the rest of the crowd? A lot.

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Did you know that LanguageTool is a spell checker that supports over 20 languages and dialects?

What Is LanguageTool?

If flawless writing is the mountain to climb, then LanguageTool is the Swiss army knife of spelling and grammar checkers that will help you reach the summit.

Whether you’re working on a research paper, writing an email to your boss, or simply sending a text message, LanguageTool will check for spelling and grammar errors as you type and suggest stylistic improvements. Below, we’ll go over why LanguageTool is the superior writing assistant you’ve been looking for.

Which Types of Mistakes Does LanguageTool Correct?

Spell Checker

Yes, LanguageTool will correct common typos and spelling errors, like improperly using affect and effect or break and brake.

But going beyond just an average spell checker, LanguageTool can also detect errors like an incorrectly written date:

Example of LanguageTool detecting a wrong date "The date May 9th 2022 is not a Sunday, but a Monday."
Incorrectly written dates can cause big problems. Luckily, LanguageTool will tell you when you’ve written a date wrong.

Grammar Checker

Proper grammar can be challenging, regardless of which language you’re writing in. LanguageTool’s grammar checker can correct a multitude of mistakes, like improperly using less and fewer or if I was and if I were, just to name a few.

Example of LanguageTool detecting incorrect use of was/were (spell checker, grammar checker, text editor)
With LanguageTool as your writing assistant, you’ll never have to worry about incorrect grammar.

Style Checker

LanguageTool’s editor enhances your writing by fixing spelling and grammar errors, but also by making suggestions to improve your writing style. The recommendations help your writing become clear and more effective. For example, it can detect a sentence written in the passive voice and will recommend you restructure it to the active voice instead.

Additionally, it can identify sentences that are too long or phrases that are too wordy. As if that weren’t enough, a quick double-click can give you synonyms of any word you type, helping you convey your message more accurately.

Image showing example of a LanguageTool stylistic suggestion. (spell checker, grammar checker, text editor)
To help you avoid wordiness, LanguageTool will recommend replacing “in a…manner” phrases with their adverb equivalent.

What Languages Are Supported by LanguageTool?

It’s true, LanguageTool is a superb spelling and grammar checker for those that write primarily in English. But what makes LanguageTool the crème de la crème, is its ability to check for spelling and grammar errors in over 20 languages. This is extremely beneficial in a world that is becoming increasingly multilingual. LanguageTool can correct spelling and grammar errors, whether you’re writing in your first, second, third, or fourth (you get the point) language.

Some of the many languages LanguageTool supports are:

  1. English
    (USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa)
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Dutch
  6. Portuguese
LanguageTool - Online Grammar, Style & Spell Checker
LanguageTool is a free online proofreading service for English, Spanish, and 20 other languages. Instantly check your text for grammar and style mistakes.
More information is available on LanguageTool’s homepage. 

What Programs Are Supported by LanguageTool?

Once you start using LanguageTool, you’ll wonder how you ever wrote without it. The good news is that LanguageTool works with many programs. Not only can you access the free online editor from anywhere, but you can:

  • Download LanguageTool for Mac
  • Download LanguageTool for Windows
  • Install add-ons for several browsers
  • Use LanguageTool across multiple Google products
  • Integrate LanguageTool into Overleaf
  • Mobile version for iOS and more!
LanguageTool - LanguageTool
LanguageTool is a free online proofreading service for English, Spanish, and 20 other languages. Instantly check your text for grammar and style mistakes.
Please find here the LanguageTool Editor to immediately start error-free writing. 

LanguageTool—The Best of the Best

With the right amount of preparation and the proper tools, even a novice climber can eventually climb Mt. Everest. And regardless of where you are on your writing journey—whether you’re just starting or have years of experience—LanguageTool will help you become a better, more proficient writer.

The spelling and grammar checker, the stylistic recommendations, and the multiple languages supported by LanguageTool are just a few of the benefits this text editor has to offer. While premium accounts have additional features, like Picky Mode, the online editor is free for everyone to use. Try it out today.

Signing up for a LanguageTool account is easy:
  1. Visit LanguageTool’s sign-up page here.
  2. Choose what type of account best fits your needs. Individual users can pick between a free or premium account, and businesses can sign up for and enjoy the benefits of a team account.
  3. Start writing flawless texts on the online editor or desktop app.
Choose between LanguageTool Basic, Premium, and Team Accounts
* The specific prices might differ. Please refer to LanguageTool’s website.

Additional Information about LanguageTool

  • LanguageTool uses API.
  • LanguageTool is backed by an outstanding community. Interested users have the opportunity to work on (or even add) supported languages.
  • If you have further questions about subscription and payments, you can contact [email protected].
  • Any comments or feedback concerning the product or the blog can be emailed to [email protected].
  • Stay tuned for the new product updates.

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