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“Appreciate” is mostly used as a verb that means “to be grateful for.” We explain its difficult spelling by giving examples.

Spelling of the Word "Appreciate"
How to spell the word “appreciate.”
Apreciate, apprecciate, aprecciate

Appreciate is a great word to know, especially if you want to say “thank you.” Below we’ll cover this word’s spelling, synonyms, and phrases in which it is found.

How Do You Spell “Appreciate”?

The correct spelling of this word is: a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e.

It is pronounced /əˈpriːʃieɪt/ or uh-pree-she-ate.

Knowing how to spell this word can be useful if you’re writing a formal letter, personal letter, or several other types of texts.

What Does Appreciate Mean?

Appreciate is a verb that has a few definitions:

  • “(to) recognize or grasp the nature, quality, significance, or full worth of (something)”
  • “(to) value or admire greatly”
  • “(to) be grateful for (something)”
  • “(to) recognize the implications or be fully aware of (something)”
  • “(to) rise in value”

What Are Synonyms for Appreciate?

Synonyms for appreciate that match the definitions above are:

  • admire, recognize, respect
  • value, esteem, laud
  • cherish, treasure, prize
  • grasp, realize, understand
  • rise, increase, grow

What Are Some Examples of Appreciate in a Sentence?

Our parents taught us to appreciate our rights and freedoms because not everyone is as lucky.
I appreciate everything my grandmother has done for me.
Jonathan appreciated the nurse’s generosity.
You can only truly appreciate it if you experience yourself.
Guillermo was told his account would surely appreciate if he transferred the funds over to their hedge fund.

Additionally, if you want a different way to say “thank you,” you can use these common phrases instead:

I appreciate you.
Much appreciated.
You are appreciated.
I appreciate that.

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