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Which is Correct—“Worldwide” or “World Wide”?

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We’ll go over the correct spelling of “worldwide” (or is it “world wide”, or “world-wide”?), provide example sentences, and list synonyms you could use instead.

Worldwide or World Wide?
Do you know the correct spelling of this adjective/adverb that means “throughout the world”?
World wide, world-wide

“Worldwide,” “World Wide,” or “World-Wide”

The correct spelling of this word is: worldwide. It can function as both an adjective and adverb that means “extending or reaching throughout the world.” Worldwide is a closed compound word, meaning there is no space or hyphen in between the words “world” and “wide.”

This word is often spelled as world wide or world-wide, but that is incorrect.

Here are examples of worldwide used in a sentence:

BTS—the popular K-pop band—has fans worldwide.
The Royal Wedding attracted worldwide attention.
My dream was to be a worldwide traveler.

“Worldwide”: Synonyms

Synonyms of worldwide include global (or globally).

The feral pigeon can now be found worldwide.

The feral pigeon can now be found globally.

Other words that have similar meanings to worldwide are:


How To Remember the Spelling of “Worldwide”

Remember This:

Worldwide is one word.

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