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15 Sweet and Funny Instagram Captions for Your Thanksgiving Post

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If you’re here, it’s likely Thanksgiving Day (or it’s around the corner) and you’re searching for a memorable caption for your Instagram post. We’ve compiled a list of sweet, funny, and simple captions guaranteed to make your friends and family engage with your post. Check them out below.

White text over yellow background reads "Thanksgiving Instagram Captions."
Instead of stressing over writing a Thanksgiving caption, just use one of the ones found in the list below. We promise not to tell anyone.

You’ve taken the cutest photo, successfully getting everyone to smile and look at the camera, including your dog! You thought the hard part was over. Until you sit down, ready to post the picture, but can’t come up with a caption worthy enough to encapsulate the beauty and chaos of Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t you worry because we did the writing for you. Take your pick from any of the like-and-comment-worthy Instagram captions below.

Image shows a cartoon turkey with cursive text beside it that reads, "Gobble til you wobble."
“Gobble ‘til you wobble” is a popular Thanksgiving expression.

Thanksgiving Captions

You don’t have to copy and paste the captions verbatim. Instead, you can draw inspiration from them and make minor edits as needed.

Some captions below have [bracketed text]. Please delete the brackets and personalize the caption by choosing whatever option fits best (even if it’s not on the list provided).

One last tip to make your caption stand out is to use emojis that represent the Thanksgiving Day theme, such as:






Sweet Thanksgiving Captions

If I had to pick just one thing I’m thankful for, it would have to be my [family, dog, cat, niece, nephew, job, etc.]. I just can’t imagine what I’d do without [them, it, her, him, etc.].

Happy Thanksgiving to you and whomever and whatever you’re thankful for!
Life can get hectic, and sometimes it’s easy to forget to take time to be thankful. That being said, I want to take a moment to give thanks to my [x, y, and z].

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you have a terrific turkey day.
Today, I sat down and thought about the one thing I’m most thankful for. Then I chose LIFE! Is that cheating?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!
There’s something about sitting around the dinner table with your [family, friends, loved ones, etc.] with a sense of fullness in your heart and belly.

The simple things—it’s truly what life is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Life is a lot like Thanksgiving Dinner. You put in the rigorous work behind the scenes—mashing the potatoes, prepping the turkey, and baking the apple pie. But in the end, when you’re enjoying your meal, you realize all the hard work was worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Funny Thanksgiving Captions

Call me crazy, but I’m thankful for the inevitable and heated political discussions we’ll unavoidably have around the dinner table. It’s my favorite part of this holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving.
This holiday is centered around eating, and no one judges you for helping yourself to a second, third, or even fourth serving.

And people ask why I love it so much.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Don’t tell anyone that what I’m most thankful for is [this, these, the] delicious [turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, etc.] I’m about to gobble it all down!

Happy Thanksgiving.
You know it’s Thanksgiving when the aroma of a delicious turkey roasting in the oven and the sounds of a heated political debate overtake the house.

Happy Thanksgiving!
This turkey may not be thankful for this holiday, but I certainly am!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Short and Simple Thanksgiving Captions

Life is precious. Be thankful, not just today, but every day.
Today I’ll be stuffing my face with delicious food and my heart with gratitude. I hope you’ll do the same. Happy Thanksgiving!
I’m about to gobble this food down and then wobble my way to the couch for a good ol’ nap. That’s what today is for, right? Happy Thanksgiving!
There’s something about today that fills my heart with joy. Maybe it’s the food, love, or gratitude. Whatever it is, I’m thankful for it. Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s not always easy or obvious, but I hope you find reasons to be thankful today. Happy Thanksgiving.

How To Write Your Own Thanksgiving Captions

Maybe the captions provided above have sparked your creativity, motivating you to craft your very own. If so, great! There are a few bits of advice that can help you write a turkey-riffic caption:

  • Use playful wording, like turkey-riffic.
  • Invoke Thanksgiving with words that encapsulate the holiday like thankful, turkey, gobble, wobble, dinner, family, friends, love, etc.
  • Write from the heart—you can be funny, sweet, serious, or whatever you’d like. If you’re not having a good day or Thanksgiving tends to bring up negative feelings, write about that. Many people would relate to that and appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
  • Use LanguageTool to make sure your writing is flawless. As an advanced writing assistant, it can ensure your captions are free from grammar and spelling errors (so you won’t get anyone pointing them out in the comments). It can also help enhance style and tone by rephrasing sentences. Try it out today!

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