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Our new blog, LanguageTool Insights, is now online! Find out why “welcoming” somebody is an even better greeting than it appears at first glance.

We're welcoming you to our online blog!
We offer you the best insights when it comes to language!
Our New Blog Will

  • Present fascinating facts on spelling, grammar, word choice, and language.
  • Use profound explanations, clear examples, and well-summarized rules to analyze typical sources of errors in the English language.
  • Tackle uncertainties that have been persisting for decades.

Welcome to our new blog!
Cheers to all there is to learn!

Are you well? Good. Let us show you why the small word well has such a great impact in the English language—even while welcoming you. Here at LanguageTool, we are excited to introduce you to our very own online blog that will help you strengthen your writing skills. We will be presenting fascinating facts on spelling, grammar, word choice, and language.

Using profound explanations, clear examples, and well-summarized rules, we will attempt to analyze typical sources of errors in the English language. If you avoid those potential linguistic challenges in the first place, you will save time and energy instead of spending hours on  tiresome corrections. By the way, your pieces of writing will also look more professional, and you will be more successful if your texts are error-free.

Don’t worry if English is not your native language or if your school days are long behind you: We have something interesting for everyone. Our Insights range from the absolute grammar expert to the beginner level.

We will tackle uncertainties that have been persisting for decades. All of us are familiar with the various topics of the articles that we encounter every day, whether at work, in educational affairs, or in our private lives.

However, not so well-known curiosities of the English language won’t be left out—as well as puns, translation concerns and questions of style. Stay tuned!

All Well and Good, But Where Is the Grammar?

Have you found all the hidden references to well in this article? The adverb of good has been around for centuries. During such a long period of time, the formulaic greetings of farewell have evolved into words like welcome, which literally means to be pleased that you have come. But also new compounds such as well-prepared, and well-born have entered the language and therefore enriched our daily vocabulary.

Nevertheless, if you don’t manage to find an article regarding a particular ambiguity,  don’t despair. With LanguageTool, you are armed against linguistic doubts and uncertainties, at any place and time. You will also be able to see suggestions for vocabulary improvement, and will discover synonyms.

Therefore, why not try our global and easy-to-understand writing assistant immediately, which you can use as a browser add-on and as an editor?

For now, enjoy reading the blog. We hope rediscovering our language brings you a lot of joy!

If you are also interested in some Insights of the German language, please refer to our German blog.

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