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“Hangout” vs. “Hang Out”: Which is Correct?

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Both are correct, depending on the context and whether they’re being used as a verb or a noun. We’ll go over their definitions and provide synonyms for “hangout” and “hang out.”

What's the meaning of hang out? Learn this and more below.
Do you know the difference between “hangout” and “hang out”?
Is It “Hangout” or “Hang Out”?

When used as a noun, it’s hangout (with no space). If you’re using it as a verb, then it’s hang out.

  • I had fun at the hangout.
  • Ross asked if I wanted to hang out.

Keep in mind that hang out has more than one meaning, but hangout has only one.

What’s the Difference Between “Hangout” and “Hang Out”?

Picture this: It’s Friday night, and you’re writing a text message to your best friend to ask her to spend time with you. But, you’re unsure of how to spell one crucial word. Is it hangout or hang out?

When used as a verb (phrasal verb, to be exact), the correct spelling is hang out (without a space).

Looking for other words for hang out? There's a list coming up!
“Hang out” is a phrasal verb.

Please be aware that hang out has a few meanings, and one of them is informal. The first sense of the word means “to protrude and droop downwards” or “be suspended through an opening.”

If you hang out the window like that, you may fall and hurt yourself.

It can also mean “to suspend in open view” or “display.”

I need to hang out the flag.

When used informally, hang out means “to spend time idly or in relaxation” or “to spend time socializing.”

I’m off today and all I want to do is hang out.
We will be hanging out all day tomorrow.
Julissa and I hung out three nights in a row.

“Hang Out” Synonyms

Are you seeking other words for hang out? There are many words and phrases you can use in its place.

Keep in mind that these are synonyms for hang out when used informally (meaning “to spend time socializing or relaxing”).

The first three synonyms are casual, and work whether you want to use them to mean “spending time idly by yourself” or to “socialize with someone else.”

1. Chill

I’m just going to chill at home tonight.
Want to chill somewhere later?

2. Kick it

I’m off from work, so I’m going to kick it at the bar.
Lois and I will kick it at the hookah spot.

3. Lounge

I don’t feel like doing much, so I’m just going to lounge.
Let’s go lounge at the beach.

The following synonyms for hang out work when you’re referring to spending time with someone else.

4. Spend time together

Jordan asked me to spend time together after work.

5. Pass some time together

Do you want to pass some time together while they fix the internet?

6. Keep each other company

Let’s keep each other company until the rest of the party arrives.

What Does “Hangout” Mean?

Now that we know what hang out means, what about hangout?

Hangout is a noun that means “a place for entertainment, socializing, or spending time.”

Steve’s Pizza Hub is my favorite hangout.
We’ve been looking for a new hangout ever since Captain Coffee closed.
We want to build a community hangout for teens and young adults.

“Hangout” Synonyms

There are also a few synonyms for hangout.

1. Joint

Want to go to our usual joint to kill some time?

2. Spot

Dazzy’s was everyone’s favorite spot to go to after work.

3. Watering hole

On Saturday mornings, the café becomes a watering hole for aspiring writers.

4. Haunt

The abandoned house was Jill and Frank’s favorite haunt when they were kids.

Using “Hangout” and “Hang Out” Correctly

You hang out at a hangout.

All you have to remember is that hang out is a phrasal verb (both of these terms are two words) and that hangout is a noun (both of these terms are one word).

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