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Eleven Other Ways To Say “In Addition”

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“In addition” is a common phrase often used in essays, reports, and other texts that require formal language. Below, we’ll give you synonyms you can use in its place, including casual alternatives.

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What Are Other Ways To Say “In Addition”?

A formal synonym of in addition is moreover.

  • Moreover, there’s a lot of data that needs to be analyzed.

A casual synonym of in addition is on top of that.

  • On top of that, no one really wanted to go

What Is the Meaning of “In Addition”?

In addition is a phrase that can be used in a few different ways. It can be used to mean “as an extra person, thing, or circumstance.”

They received their checks and also got to keep the tips in addition.
The position requires a college degree and two years of experience in addition.
Luke loves to travel and explore. In addition, he also volunteers at the animal shelter.

You can also find in addition used as a transition phrase in writing to introduce additional information that is relevant to the topic being discussed.

In addition, the evidence suggests that four-day work weeks are beneficial.
The results were inconclusive. In addition, the board has not approved extra funding.
In addition, the students learned to be more empathetic.

Experienced writers know that good writing requires a varied vocabulary. Instead of constantly using the phrase in addition throughout your text, use alternative terms like the ones listed below.

Formal Synonyms for “In Addition”

The following synonyms for in addition are suitable for writing that requires professional or academic language, like essays, reports, and more.

1. Additionally

Additionally, the students excelled when given more free time.

2. Furthermore

Furthermore, more research should be conducted before publishing the results.

3. Moreover

The coral flourished; moreover, the sea life returned and thrived.

4. Another point to consider

Another point to consider is that mental health incidents have declined since the initiative began.

5. It is important to note that

It is important to note that most of the test subjects had received their undergraduate degree.  
Find formal in addition synonyms above, and casual synonyms for in addition below.
The “in addition” synonyms above are perfect transitions to use in essays and other types of academic writing.

Casual Synonyms for “In Addition”

Sometimes you need a more natural way of saying in addition. The following alternatives are appropriate for casual conversations, whether in writing or speaking.

6. Also

Also, kiwis have more potassium than bananas.

7. Plus

Plus, if you really wanted to go, you would have gone.

8. Besides

Besides, everyone knows time flies when you’re having fun.

9. On top of that

On top of that, no one was looking at you when you fell.

10. What’s more

What’s more, Oscar graduated in interior design, not fashion design.

11. Not to mention

Not to mention, Lily received an invitation, but I didn’t.
Watch Out for the Phrase “Add an Additional”

Although commonly used, add an additional is a redundant phrase. Instead, use a phrase like add another.

Add an additional cup of water if the rice is dry.
Add another cup of water if the rice is dry.

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