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In Our Opinion, These Alternatives Are Better

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Whether you’re speaking or writing, it’s always a good idea to vary your vocabulary. Below, we’ll go over eleven other ways to say “in my opinion.”

Here are other ways to say in my opinion.
Below you’ll find eleven formal and informal ways of saying “in my opinion.”
In My Opinion: Alternative Phrases
  • In my opinion is a phrase people use in speech and writing before expressing something that is their belief or viewpoint and not necessarily a fact.
  • A few alternatives you can use instead are:
    • It could be argued
      According to
      The way I see it
      From my perspective

In My Opinion: What’s Its Use?

In my opinion is often used as a precursor when writing about personal views or thoughts on a given subject. There’s nothing wrong with using it, but good writers know to vary their vocabulary to keep readers engaged. Word choice should also match the audience and setting, which is why we’re going to give you formal and informal alternatives you can use in place of in my opinion.

In my opinion synonyms.
"IMO" is an abbreviation for "in my opinion.” 

In My Opinion: Formal Alternatives

A common rule of thumb when writing academic texts is to avoid using first-person pronouns. Of course, this rule is flexible and depends on the subject which is being written about.

If you’re writing an academic text, you may want to avoid using the phrase in my opinion, as it is considered a more casual expression.

One thing you may notice about the formal alternatives listed below is that for most of them, you’ll need supporting arguments to back up your opinion.

1. It could be argued that

This phrase requires that you support your opinion with evidence or reasoning.

It could be argued that working from home results in higher productivity rates.

2. One could postulate

As a verb, postulate means “to claim as true.” This alternative is extremely formal.

One could postulate that politics are becoming increasingly polarized.

3. According to

Similarly, use according to when you have arguments that can back up your opinion.

According to recent research, playtime is essential for young children’s development.

4. It would seem that

Like the others, this phrase also works best if you have arguments or evidence that can uphold your opinion.

It would seem that going to the grocery store on an empty stomach leads you to buy more food than you normally would.

5. From my personal standpoint

Sometimes supporting your opinion in formal writing requires your personal perspective, and in that case, using first-person pronouns is necessary.

From my personal standpoint, more funding should be allotted to schools in underprivileged and high-risk communities.
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In My Opinion: Informal Alternatives

If you’re writing in a more casual setting, you can use the following phrases in place of in my opinion.

6. From my point of view

Use this alternative when you want to convey your personal standpoint on something.

From my point of view, Marvel is way better than DC.

7. The way I see it

This phrase is another way of saying from my point of view.

The way I see it, students should be better prepared for real-life situations.

8. From my perspective

Perspective is a noun that is synonymous to point of view.

From my perspective, Romeo and Juliet were two bratty kids.

9. To my mind

Unlike the formal options listed at the beginning of this post, use this phrase when you want to express something that is just a personal thought and can’t necessarily be supported with evidence.

To my mind, chocolate can be combined with any food to enhance it.

10. I think

I think is commonly used in place of in my opinion. Be cautious when using this one though, especially in work emails, as it can come off as unconfident.

I think the current public school system is failing our children.

11. I believe

I believe sometimes connotes a more heartfelt argument, whereas I think sometimes leans toward being more logical.

I believe every company should provide paid parental leave.
Comma or No Comma?

In my opinion requires a comma after it.

  • In my opinion, Mexican food is the best.

Occasionally, it is used at the end of the sentence, in which case it is usually preceded by a comma.

  • Mexican food is the best, in my opinion.

Be wary of which alternative you use because some require commas, while others do not.

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