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Paraphrase Is All the Craze: LanguageTool Can Help Rewrite Your Sentences to Perfection

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How can a free paraphrasing tool elevate your writing to the next level? We’ll go over rewriting sentences with LanguageTool’s paraphraser.

Looking for a free paraphrasing tool online? We have just the feature for you.
We’ll explain what a paraphraser is and how it improves your text by rewriting your sentences.
LanguageTool’s Paraphrase Tool

LanguageTool’s A.I.–powered paraphraser can help enhance your texts by rewriting your sentences to be more fluent, more formal, or shorter.

This blog post will go over:

Stuck on a Sentence? Use a Paraphrasing Tool!

Have you ever been in a position where you know what you want to write about, but don’t know how to write it?

Most of us have. This is a common problem many writers—both novice and advanced—encounter.

But how can you solve it?

With the help of LanguageTool’s new paraphraser. Below, we’ll tell you all about this new function that can help you rephrase sentences to perfection.

What is a Paraphrase Tool?

For those that aren’t aware, LanguageTool is a multilingual spelling and grammar checker. As an advanced writing assistant, LanguageTool can correct several types of errors, easily provide synonyms, and suggest stylistic improvements that can drastically improve your text.

The new paraphrase tool takes LanguageTool to the next level. It is an AI-based feature that can rewrite sentences to be either more formal, more fluent, or shorter.

Now that we have gone over what a paraphraser is, let’s go over how to use this trailblazing tool.

How Does the Paraphrase Tool Work?

LanguageTool’s free paraphrasing tool uses leading-edge AI-based technology that generates refined sentences that fit the wording, tone, and language you’re looking for.

Rewriting Within an Add-on, Plug-in, Mobile App, or Mac App:

To generate new sentences, simply double-click on any word of the sentence. Then, a box will appear that reads “Word” and “Sentence.” Click on “Sentence,” and your new, fine-tuned sentences will appear.

Using the Paraphrasing Tool in the LanguageTool Editor:

When using the Editor, please refer to the right-hand sidebar. You can switch between “Corrections” and “Rephrasing” there. Under the latter, you can see the original synonyms for your chosen word. Rephrased versions of the entire sentence appear right underneath.

What Types of Sentences Are Generated?

LanguageTools paraphraser can generate different types of sentences that fit all your needs:

1. Formal Sentences

The paraphrasing feature can help convert informal sentences to formal sentences. This is beneficial because there are many settings, like professional and academic, that require formal language. If you’re having trouble writing with formal language, the paraphrase tool can help you.

Understandably, the clients were bummed out at first, but we managed to fix all the issues. -> The clients were, of course, disappointed at first, but we were able to resolve all the issues.
This screenshot shows how the new feature can formulate a more formal sentence. 

2. Fluent Sentences

The fluent sentence alternatives generated by LanguageTool’s AI technology is useful for all writers, but especially for language learners. Let’s face it, sometimes AI-generated translations sound robotic. LanguageTool’s paraphraser can produce more natural-sounding wording that is commonly used by native speakers.

Rephrasing tool reads: I am knowledgeable on this subject -> I am familiar with this subject.
Writing fluently has never been easier. 

3. Shorter Sentences

A long and wordy sentence can distract or confuse your readers. If you’re having trouble coming up with a shorter, more concise sentence, the paraphrasing tool can generate one for you.

This screenshot shows an example of the tool rephrasing a sentence to be shorter.
Sometimes shorter sentences are necessary. The new feature can help with that, too.

Additional Information on LanguageTool’s Paraphraser

Below, you’ll find important information you should keep in mind when using this tool:

  • The paraphrasing tool and the spelling and grammar checking function of LanguageTool are completely independent of each other. For example, if the phrase a lot of happens to be a part of one of the generated sentences, then after you select it, you might get a wordiness suggestion. However, other grammar and punctuation errors will be corrected in the generated options. But, if there’s a spelling error in the original sentence, it will also be included in the generated options. We suggest correcting these errors first and then using the rephrasing tool.
  • Additionally, the paraphrasing tool is also independent of the Style Guide and Personal Dictionary.
  • The paraphraser is non-deterministic, which means new options will be shown every time you click on a sentence. If you want to see more suggestions, just try again later.
  • The paraphrasing tool is now available in all Premium languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Everyone Can Benefit From the New Paraphrasing Feature

LanguageTool’s paraphraser is available to all users, regardless of which type of account they have. However, those with a free account are limited to three rephrased sentences per day, whereas Premium users have access to an unlimited number of rephrases.

Optimized Sentences Are Just a Double-Click Away

LanguageTool’s paraphrasing feature is going to help you become an advanced writer. This tool is perfect for both novice and experienced writers who are having trouble formulating their ideas.

Not only will your friends, family, and colleagues be blown away by the pristine texts LanguageTool will help you produce, but this innovative feature will also:

  • Inspire you through a diversified choice of words.
  • Help you discover more appropriate ways of expressing ideas.
  • Guide you in writing towards a specified audience.
  • Enhance your vocabulary.
  • Help you save time and money on revisions.
  • Correct multiple errors all at once.
  • Provide a better proofreading experience through unmatched AI-based technology and data.
Meme of LanguageTool's functionalities: spell checking, tone analysis, and (now) rephrasing
It's quite impressive what LanguageTool is now capable of. Introducing the rephrasing feature.

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