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What makes LanguageTool Premium so valuable? We’ll go over all the benefits of a Premium account.

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Learn about what makes a LanguageTool Premium account so special.
What You’ll Learn In This Article:

What Is LanguageTool?

Simply put, LanguageTool is a superior text editor. But it does so much more compared to other spelling and grammar checkers. As an intelligent writing assistant, not only can LanguageTool detect and correct spelling and grammar errors, but it can also:

  • Support more than twenty  languages
  • Correct misspelled proper nouns (like names)
  • Fix punctuation mistakes like missing apostrophes, commas, and more
  • Improve formatting by helping you remain consistent when writing times and numbers
  • Offer a free online editor
  • Show more suggestions in Picky Mode
  • Work in numerous apps and programs, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Windows, macOS, iOS, and so much more
  • Include technology based on AI and Open Source

And these are just the benefits of a free account. Yes, LanguageTool offers Premium accounts that offer even more perks.

Intrigued? Below, we’re going to cover what makes a LanguageTool Premium account so worthwhile.

What Are LanguageTool’s Premium Features?

1. Text Length

A LanguageTool Premium account supports texts with up to 100,000 characters, compared to the basic account which checks only 10,000. This makes checking large bodies of texts a breeze. For instance, if you’re writing a dissertation for school, you can check for spelling and grammar errors all at once.

2. Team Accounts

Depending on what type of Premium account you sign up for, you may also be able to access Team Account features like the Team Style Guide and Team Dictionary. A Team Account helps your business’s writing remain consistent, regardless of which team member is writing.

3. Feature Updates

Another perk is that Premium users get access to new features—like the one-click feature— first. This allows Premium users to stay up-to-date with LanguageTool’s innovative updates. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a plug-in for Word and one for Google Docs.

4. Personal Style Guide

The Personal Style Guide offered in Premium accounts is perfect for writers who want error-free writing that still carries their personal style and voice. The Style Guide allows writers to define their own rules so that their writing remains consistent.

5. Unlimited Rephrasings

LanguageTool has an innovative feature that can rephrase your sentences to be shorter, more fluent, or more formal. As you can expect, this is beneficial in many different scenarios and will help you improve your style and tone. While users with free accounts are limited to five rephrasings a day, Premium users have no limit to the number of sentences they can have rewritten.

What Are the Additional Suggestions I Can See as a Premium User?

Whether you have a free or Premium account, LanguageTool will enhance your writing by checking for basic spelling and grammar mistakes. However, having a Premium account does have its advantages—like correcting more advanced errors that other spelling and grammar checkers will miss. If you’re curious about what suggestions a LanguageTool Premium account offers compared to a free account, we can help you below.

1. Advanced Spelling Errors

Yes, spelling and grammar checkers are useful, especially when it comes to avoiding embarrassing typos like incorrectly using their, there, or they’re.

But what about costly mistakes, like accidentally sending the wrong ISBN or IBAN? A LanguageTool Premium account can detect when you’ve incorrectly typed these vital numbers, potentially saving you time and money.

Additionally, a Premium account can also recognize errors in capitalization.

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There are a multitude of capitalization rules. Luckily, LanguageTool Premium remembers them all, so you don’t have to.

2. Grammar and Punctuation

Do you struggle with using who, that, or which? Don’t worry, many people do. Fortunately, a LanguageTool Premium account can catch mistakes like this one and many more. Aside from correcting basic mistakes and typos, a Premium account also detects missing commas, superfluous commas, and more in-depth punctuation errors.

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LanguageTool can detect missing hyphens. 

3. Formatting and Typography

If you’ve ever written for an international audience, you may be familiar with the struggle of formatting times. A LanguageTool Premium account can ensure your text’s formatting stays top-notch by checking for inconsistencies—whether that be in time formats, currency formats, or spacing.

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LanguageTool Premium can detect incorrect time formats. 

4. Style and Foreign Terms

Writing exceptional texts means focusing on so much more than just spelling and grammar errors—style and tone play a significant role, too. It’s easy for repeated words and phrases to make their way into your writing. A Premium account can detect these repetitions and offer replacements. Additionally, it can also offer suggestions for overused words and phrases. Have an unnecessarily wordy phrase? A Premium account can detect that, too. And let’s say you’re writing an email to your boss, but a casual expression slips in; LanguageTool can point that out and offer alternatives before you press “send.”

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Improve your writing style by using advanced synonyms.

5. Semantics

What’s worse than sending a professional email with an informal phrase? Sending a professional email with the wrong name. LanguageTool Premium can recognize when the name in the email doesn’t match the name in the text field. Additionally, it can also detect incorrect word usage and double negatives. Your friends, colleagues, and everyone else will be blown away by your immaculate writing skills.

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LanguageTool can save you from a lot of trouble by informing you when you've incorrectly written a date. 

LanguageTool Premium: An Unrivaled Writing Assistant

There’s no other way to say it: When it comes to spelling and grammar checkers, LanguageTool is the crème de la crème. Yes, its advanced AI technology and international team makes it a superior writing assistant. But what makes it so special is its ability to help writers from all around the world write better, regardless of what language they’re writing in. Want premium writing? Then try the Premium account. Upgrade your account or register as a new user.

If you need further information, please contact customer support at [email protected] or visit the help center. You can also find more pricing information here.

LanguageTool Premium is worth every penny. Try it today.
* The specific prices might differ. Please refer to LanguageTool’s website. 

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