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What Does “To Show” Mean and Which Words Can I Use Instead?

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If you’re looking for synonyms for “to show,” we can help! We have five synonyms you can use in its place (plus example sentences that’ll show you how to use them).

Synonyms for to show: Find them below.
We’re going to show you other words you can use instead.
What Are Some Synonyms for “To Show”?

  1. To demonstrate
  2. To present
  3. To reveal
  4. To disclose
  5. To display

What Does “To Show” Mean?

Show has numerous definitions and can function as a verb or noun.

As a verb, to show means “to display or allow something to be seen.” In this sense, to show proves helpful when writing an expository essay or any other type of text that requires a lot of explanation or clarification.

To show how the conclusion was reached, we have to first review two key pieces of data.

A pillar of good writing, however, is the use of varied vocabulary. Even if your writing requires a lot of explanation, don’t just rely on the verb to show—there are plenty of words you can use in its place.

Below, you’ll find five synonyms for to show.

“To Show” Synonyms

1. To demonstrate

To demonstrate how this happened, a mini replica of the experiment was constructed.
Allow us to demonstrate the purpose of each strategically placed apparatus.

2. To present

To present the results as thoroughly as possible, two different programs were required.
We used a chart to present the results.

3. To reveal

To reveal why this happened, thousands and thousands of entries had to be analyzed.
The team used surveillance equipment to reveal where the pack of wolves was going at night.

4. To disclose

To disclose how the experiment concluded, we first had to provide our audience with general knowledge of artificial intelligence.
We needed to disclose several incidents that occurred.

5. To display

To display it accurately, a team of six designers worked on the exhibition.
The participants wanted to display their interpretations of the art.

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