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LanguageTool and Artificial Intelligence: How They Work Together

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The rise of artificial intelligence is nothing new. We’ll go over how LanguageTool incorporates artificial intelligence to help perfect your writing.

How Artificial Intelligence (and LanguageTool) Can Improve Your Writing
Yes, artificial intelligence can enhance your writing. We’ll tell you how.
Using AI Writing Assistants

Writing assistants help improve your text by correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. LanguageTool uses artificial intelligence, which can strengthen the correction process by detecting and fixing advanced errors and by generating rephrased sentences that can better suit your tone and voice.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Although many may not know exactly what it is, most of us are familiar with artificial intelligence (AI). Have you ever used an automated chatbot to avoid calling a company’s customer service department? If so, be grateful for artificial intelligence. Ever bought something off of a recommendation you found on social media? That was AI’s doing, too. Whenever you use a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa, you’re interacting with artificial intelligence.

At first glance, it seems as if applied statistics is the same as machine learning. When presented to others, this becomes artificial intelligence.

But the picture is to be understood differently. Statistics and data form the basis for the framework of machine learning, which attempts to make predictions. Artificial intelligence makes the tool available to the public: users employ software to be able to use the predictions from machine learning for themselves.

Artificial intelligence basically means the best solutions that could be predicted based on the processed data by machine learning of computer systems.

The History of Artificial Intelligence

  • First research approaches existed already in 1949/50.
  • Co-founder John McCarthy presented AI at the Dartmouth Summer Research Project conference of 1956 in New Hampshire.
  • A computer in the 1980s was intended to imitate human intelligence directly.

Put more intricately, artificial intelligence uses machine learning (a tool that uses statistical methods to make predictions) to provide valuable software features in many areas of life—even writing. But how exactly can artificial intelligence be beneficial in writing? Below, we’ll explain how LanguageTool incorporates AI to optimize your writing.

Illustration shows a robot typing on a computer.
LanguageTool is rule-based and artificial intelligence-based.

How Does LanguageTool Use AI To Improve Your Writing?

LanguageTool is a multilingual spelling and grammar checker. It ensures your writing is flawless by fixing errors and typos. Many popular text editors use a rule-based approach to correct mistakes. Yes, LanguageTool uses a rule-based approach too. But it also uses artificial intelligence, which allows for more thorough and advanced corrections.

Let’s say we have a text with some mistakes. Not only do writing tools underline the misspelled or misused words, but they also suggest the correct spelling or a clear improvement. But how does this kind of computer-based proofreading work in real time?

Machine learning now tries to read out these patterns and rules from the pool of sentences, using statistical methods. If these predictions are used in the next step to analyze texts and detect errors, we will be thus talking about artificial intelligence, which is made available to us writers by software.

Rule-based correction vs. AI-based correction

LanguageTool is particularly recommended as a correction tool because it uses both: AI-based analyses that are too complex to be broken down manually, and individually written suggestions to cover exceptions.

The use of LanguageTool’s artificial intelligence goes beyond corrections. It can also generate rephrased sentences. So, if you’re having trouble writing something in a formal, fluent, or clear way, LanguageTool’s use of artificial intelligence can help.

Screenshot of AI-based rewriting provided by LanguageTool.
Sentence rephrasing can help you better connect with your audience by writing in a more appropriate tone.

LanguageTool & AI: A Match Made in Heaven

LanguageTool is an exceptional writing assistant. Its distraction-free and user-friendly interface helps writers focus on what’s important—writing. Synonyms are easy to find and use, and style suggestions make your text easier to follow and understand. Additionally, all the errors it fixes make your writing pristine.

And the best part? If you’re interested in the topic of artificial intelligence in correcting, there are several sources of information available to you: Open source can show which suggestions are AI-based and which are manually coded. In addition, LanguageTool has its own AI department, which expresses the importance of AI-based error correction. LanguageTool’s unique community also appreciates AI.

The use of artificial intelligence takes LanguageTool to the next level. You’ll get both simple and complex grammar and spelling corrections, as well as rephrased sentences in one click! Try it today.

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