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Sounds Good | Casual & Professional Synonyms

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“Sounds good” is a phrase commonly used both in the workplace and in casual settings. If you want to expand your vocabulary, we’ve got you covered with eleven professional and casual synonyms you can use instead.

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Below, you’ll find professional and casual synonyms for the phrase “sounds good.”
Quick Summary

Sounds good is a phrase that expresses agreement or acceptance. There are many other ways to say sounds good, including:

  • I’m on board. (professional alternative)
  • Cool, let’s do it. (casual alternative)

What does "sound good" mean?

Sounds good is an expression that indicates agreement or approval of a plan, statement, or opinion. It’s a colloquial phrase that is typically used among friends or in other casual settings.

Image shows text message conversation that reads “I’ll pick you up at around 5.” | “Sounds good. I’ll be waiting.”
“Sounds good” is frequently used in informal settings.

While it’s considered informal, it’s not uncommon to hear it in professional contexts.

The visual shows stick people with ties. One of them says, “I’ll have the report ready by Friday.” The other responds, “Sounds good. Let me know if you need help.”
“Sounds good” is also used and acceptable in work settings.

Other ways to say “sounds good”

It’s important to remember that context matters. Some alternative phrases will work better than others, depending on what you’re responding to. Take a look at the examples to ensure you’re using the synonyms correctly.

Professional synonyms

Sounds good is a casual, yet acceptable, phrase that is used in formal and professional settings. 

However, if you want to incorporate a more advanced vocabulary, consider using any of the following synonyms below.

1. I’m looking forward to it. 

Person A: All the finishing details have been taken care of, and the charity drive will go on as usual.  
Person B: Awesome. I’m looking forward to it. 

2. I’m on board. 

Person A: We believe that the best thing to do is to send out a press release right away.  
Person B: I’m on board. 

3. I’m pleased with this proposal. 

Person A: We’d recommend a strategic partnership with them to increase our market share. 
Person B: I’m pleased with this proposal. 

4. This looks like a solid plan.  

Person A: We will increase ad spending to target new and larger demographics.  
Person B: This looks like a solid plan. 

5. This fits perfectly with our goals. 

Person A: Implementing flexible work hours can increase team morale and productivity. 
Person B: Agreed. This fits perfectly with our goals.
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Casual synonyms

Sounds good can be considered an overused phrase. If you’d like to switch up your vocabulary, use any of the following phrases below. 

Remember, these synonyms work best in casual situations, like when talking to a friend. 

6. Sure thing. 

Person A: Can you bring me some food, please? I’m hungry. 
Person B: Sure thing!

7. Works for me. 

Person A: We’re doing dinner at 8 p.m. and then going to the movies at 10. 
Person B: Awesome! Works for me. 

8. Cool, let’s do it.  

Person A: I’m thinking we can go to the water park on Sunday. 
Person B: Cool, let’s do it. 

9. Fine by me.  

Person A: Do you mind if we pass by my grandma’s so I can drop off a gift?
Person B: Fine by me. 

10. Count me in.  

Person A: We’re taking the kids trick or treating later in the evening. Want to join?
Person B: Yes, count me in. 

11. Sounds like a plan. 

Person A: We have a lot of fun activities scheduled for tomorrow.  
Person B: Sounds like a plan.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with using the phrase sounds good, it’s worth noting that variety in language can enhance your communication, especially in professional settings. 

If you’re writing an email to your boss or notice a tendency to overuse this phrase, exploring the synonyms we’ve provided can enrich your vocabulary and strengthen your communication skills.

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