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The word “help” can be used as a verb and as a noun.

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Below you’ll find synonyms for the word “help.”
Synonyms: Abet, aid, assist, support

What Does “Help” Mean, and What Other Words Can I Use Instead?

Example Sentence
(verb) to give assistance or support
My sister will help the children with their homework while I cook dinner.
abet, aid, assist, back, support
(verb) to improve/relieve, make pleasant or more bearable.
I was told to use a walking boot to help the pain.
alleviate, ease, relieve, soothe
(verb) to refrain from or keep from occurring
We couldn’t help but cry in a happy embrace when we first saw each other again.
refrain from, avoid, avert, prevent
(verb) to serve someone (with food or drink) or to take for oneself
We were told to help ourselves, so I grabbed all the snacks I could fit on my plate.
(noun) a source of aid, remedy, or relief
The restaurant was busy, so I needed help from my coworker.
assistance, aid, support, guidance

The word “help” is often used as a phrasal verb: help out.

He wanted to help out, but instead, he was making things more complicated.
“Help!” is a famous song by The Beatles.

How Else Can I Ask for “Help?”

Explicitly asking for help may seem daunting to some. Here are other ways to ask for help:

Could you give me a hand?
Do you mind lending me a hand?
I need some assistance.
Can you do me a favor and…?
I need a helping hand, please.

How Else Can the Word “Help” Be Used?

1) To say that someone is helpful is to say that they’re “giving or ready to give help.”

When I first transferred here from LSU, Jackson was extremely helpful in showing me around campus.

2) Helping is the gerund or present participle of the verb form of help.

He was helping her move in.

3) However, helping can also mean “a portion (usually of food) or allocation.”

She had two helpings of rice and beans.

Other Words for Help

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