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What you write at school or work differs in tone, style, and language compared to what you write in a creative project, tweet, or anything else. With LanguageTool’s Writing Goals, you get specific suggestions based on the type of text you’re writing. We’ll teach you how this feature works!

White text over blue background reads "Writing Goals."
LanguageTool’s Writing Goals feature helps you facilitate the writing experience.

Writing Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Picture this: You’re an aspiring author working on a romantic fiction novel. You’re using an AI writing assistant to help rid your text of grammar and spelling errors. Occasionally, though, the writing assistant offers suggestions to paraphrase and “improve” your work. Out of curiosity, you view the suggestion, and it offers to “fix” it by rewriting poetic, awe-inspiring prose into a stiff, serious text. In dismay, you turn off the writing assistant because what’s the point?

LanguageTool understands that no two texts are the same. The Writing Goals feature lets you customize your experience so that you only get suggestions that fit your writing needs.

This is a game changer for all types of writers, whether you’re working on an academic paper, a work report, a creative project, or anything else. Below, we’ll show you how to use this writing feature and which writing goals you can choose from.

Let’s goal!

Image shows man standing in front of target that reads "Professional and serious, objective and scientific, original and expressive, confident and persuasive, and personal and encouraging."
Aim high! LanguageTool will help you achieve your writing goals. 

What Is LanguageTool?

Before we show you how to use the Writing Goals feature, let’s first go over what LanguageTool is.

LanguageTool is an AI writing assistant that goes beyond fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors by also offering advanced stylistic suggestions and paraphrasing features.

Its easy-to-use and distraction-free interface ensures that you focus on writing while it focuses on correcting.

Everyone deserves a chance to produce error-free text, regardless of what they’re writing. That’s why LanguageTool supports over 30 languages and offers Premium services in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Simply put, LanguageTool can help transform your writing from average to exceptional.

LanguageTool color scheme: red for spelling errors, yellow/orange for grammar and punctuation, purple for style and word choice, and blue for paraphrasing suggestions.
LanguageTool uses this color scheme, so you know what type of suggestion you’re getting.

How To Select a Writing Goal

We know you’re eager to learn how to select a writing goal. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Open the LanguageTool Editor

As of now, Writing Goals can be accessed via the Editor or the Desktop version of the Editor.

2. Select a Goal from the Right-Hand Column

Once opened, you’ll see a column on the right-hand side, where all the corrections and the option to paraphrase sentences appear. You’ll see a bullseye target next to the word “Goal.” And next to that, you’ll see the word “Set.” Click on that.

Image shows screenshot of LanguageTool Editor with "Goal" highlighted in red.
Choose a goal on the right-hand side of the Editor or Desktop version of the Editor. 

3. Choose a Goal via the Presets or Text Type

You can choose a goal in two different ways. One, you can choose from a list of tonality tags, which include five different presets for various writing styles.

Additionally, you can personalize the writing goal even more by deciding based on your text type. For example, you can select from Advertisement, Text Message, Script, Music Album Review, and many more. Or, you can search for a goal in the search box. If you’re writing a book report, for instance, you can click on the preset Objective and Scientific or type in book report into the search box.

And there you have it! Picking a goal is as easy as one, two, three. Now let’s review the different writing goals LanguageTool has set.

Image shows screenshot that includes different goals and text types.
There are several goals and text types to choose from. 

Which Writing Goals Can I Choose From?

Professional and Serious

Choose Professional and Serious as your writing goal when you’re writing anything that requires formal and businesslike language. This includes, but is not limited to, resumes, cover letters, memos, and even emails to your boss. The goal here is to ensure you don’t have any slang or colloquialisms in your writing.

Let’s circle back to this next week.

Let’s follow up on this next week.

Objective and Scientific

Objective and Scientific is ideal when you’re writing theses, book reports, or any other type of academic paper. This writing goal will help you select advanced vocabulary and avoid stylistic errors, like misuse of the passive voice.

This is not to say that Miller’s goal was to create a new social movement.

This does not imply that Miller’s goal was to create a new social movement.

Original and Expressive

Working on a personal project? The Original and Expressive writing goal can help you find the ideal creative words to help you accurately express yourself.

Do you have time on Thursday?

Does Thursday suit you?

Confident and Persuasive

The Confident and Persuasive goal aims to help you influence and convince your audience by suggesting persuasive rhetorical techniques.

Our app really strengthens your public skills.

Our app noticeably strengthens your public speaking skills.

Personal and Encouraging

The Personal and Encouraging goal helps you write in a more positive and constructive manner. It encourages readers to avoid negative constructions by suggesting more optimistic sentences instead.

Enjoy your day!

I hope your day gets off to a good start.

Writing Goals: Additional Information

  1. LanguageTool’s Writing Goals feature is available for all Premium languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese).
  2. Grammar and spell check are always enabled, regardless of which tonality tag you use.
  3. Writing Goals are reset to none every time you start working on a new text.
  4. When no goal is selected, format-specific suggestions won’t appear.
  5. Some rules belong to more than one tag, meaning you’ll see certain suggestions in various presets. Additionally, general remarks and suggestions will still be offered in all categories.
  6. It is possible to switch between the writing goals while writing or even afterward.
  7. The writing goals suggestions are completely separate from the paraphrasing categories.
  8. The entries in the Personal Dictionary and Personal Style Guide are not affected by Writing Goals.
Image shows screenshot with suggestions and the different goals in which that suggestion will be triggered.
Certain suggestions can be made in various goals and text types. 

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