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Ten Other Ways To Say “Circle Back”

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“Circle back” is an expression often used in the business world. If you aren’t sure what it means, you’re not alone. This post will teach you its definition, how to use it, and alternative phrases you can utilize in its place.

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Have you ever heard someone use the expression “circle back”?
Circle Back: Quick Summary

Circle back is an English expression that is frequently used in business settings. It means “to return to a conversation or discussion at a later time.”

Another phrase you can use in place of circle back is let’s revisit this.

  • Let’s revisit this tomorrow after the meeting.

You may be fluent in English, but if you aren’t familiar with business phrases, you may find yourself confused amid a workplace conversation. Circle back is a popular expression used in professional settings. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about circle back, including what it means, how to use it, and synonyms you can utilize instead.

Let’s begin!

“Circle Back” Definition and Usage

Circle back is an idiomatic phrase that means “to return to a conversation or topic at a future time.” So, if someone wants to circle back with you on something, that means they will bring up the discussion again, either at a specified or unspecified point in the future.

I’ll find out some more information about this and circle back with you in a week.
Let me consult my managers, and I’ll circle back to you with a solution.
We had a brief conversation about a potential deal, but I told her I’d circle back once I learned some more about her company.
That’s an interesting point you brought up. Let’s circle back on it on Monday during our weekly call.
I’d like you to circle back to me about what you learned during the presentation.
Image shows a circular arrow. Title text reads "what does circle back mean?" The text around the arrow reads "to resume a discussion at a later time."
The expression “circle back” is typically used in professional settings. 

Ten Other Ways To Say “Circle Back” in an Email

If you’re looking for another way to say circle back in an email or conversation, the list below will help you expand your business English vocabulary.

1. Let’s revisit this

Let’s revisit this discussion when I’m back from vacation

2. Let’s touch base again

Let’s touch base again on Monday, once you’ve had more time to think this through.

3. Let’s continue this discussion

I love your input, but I’m running late. Let’s continue this discussion when I get back.

4. Let’s address this again

You brought up several insightful ideas; let’s address this again when Paul returns.

5. Let’s resume this conversation

I see what you’re saying. Let’s resume this conversation with the rest of the team.

6. Let’s have another call about this

This is an important matter, so let’s have another call about this next week.

7. Let’s have another meeting about this

That’s a great idea. Let’s have another meeting about this on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

8. Let’s reconnect about this

Let’s reconnect about this when you reach out to the client for clarification.

9. Let’s follow up on this matter

There are many more things we have to cover, so let’s follow up on this matter when Georgina finishes the report.

10. Let’s catch up on this

I think we must get to the bottom of this issue, so let’s catch up on this over lunch.

How To Write Flawless Professional Emails

Next time you read or hear the term circle back, you’ll know exactly what it means. And if it’s already part of your vocabulary, now you also have ten alternatives you can use in its place.

Remember, when it comes to good writing, it’s vital that you avoid repetitiveness. Here are a few other commonly used business email phrases and alternatives you can use:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. → I appreciate your prompt response.
Per my last email… → As previously mentioned…
Sorry for the inconvenience. → I sincerely apologize for this oversight.

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